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Fintech Unicorn Finds a Solution on Buy Now Pay Later

Zilch provides customers with a buy now pay later card to shop from retailers without being overcharged. The number of sign-ups for Zilch buy now pay later has risen, resulting in the financing enterprise coming up with another way of paying. Zilch introduced free cards that consumers can utilize when purchasing. The card accepts MasterCard and spreads the payment without any catches.

New Funding for Zilch Signs Up

Zilch has $10million in funding for upgrading the over-the-top buy now pay later scheme. The grant will enhance the ability to get to their customers and relate with them rather than retailers.

Zilch MasterCard Partnership

The connection between Zilch and MasterCard will aid in delivering a different payment solution. Customers can now use zilch master cards when using their debit card details. A virtual card is issued immediately after signing up.

Zilch Founders

The entrepreneurs whose previous businesses were listed on the Nasdaq are the founders of Zilch. Philip Belamant, the CEO, and Serge Belamant, the Chairman, introduced a host of techniques to the finance enterprise.

CEO: Philip Belamant

Philip Belamant is among the zilch founders. He has brought several awards winning fintech enterprises. Besides, Belamant established UBER’s d South Africa’s first Cash-To-Mastercard system.

Chairman: Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant, an entrepreneurial computer scientist, has won several awards due to his benchmarking, operation research, and telecommunications protocols. He brought the first electronic pulse using smartcard technology. Belamant also enhanced encryption methods. Moreover, he engineered the third-largest ATM system on the planet.

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