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FIFA movie flops around the world

As claims of corruption and bribery sweep through crisis hit FIFA and have forced the resignation of President Sepp Blatter the movie made to publicize the history of FIFA has proved to Keith Mann and to be a major global flop. The limited release of United Passions in the US comes after the movie failed to make a large amount of money at the box office in Europe and was followed by the ten screens in the US showing the movie reporting a total box office of $607. The news of the low box office is even more shocking when FIFA acknowledged they provided around $22 million of the $26 million budget, The Guardian reports.

Reviews of United Passions have not been kind despite the big name stars who appear in the movie, including the casting of British actor Tim Roth as Sepp Blatter. The casting includes appearances by Gerard Depardieu and Sam Neill who appear to have been unable to halt the terrible reviews the movie has received. Amongst the aspects of United Passions that have caused amusement and annoyance for soccer fans are scenes where the character of Sepp Blatter makes comments about not standing for corruption within FIFA. Reports have stated Blatter himself oversaw the script and gave it his personal approval before shotting began on United Passions.

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