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Farming by Milan Kordestani

Milan Kordestani is the chairman and also the CEO of one of the most well-known firms known as the Milan Firm. He is one of the students at the Francisco Bay area where he has schooled for a very long time. In the year 2015, he decided to establish this firm whose primary goal was to ensure that he create a humane and organic system so that it can become a good environment where he can comfortably be able to raise poultry and also the organic growth in the form of 100% saffron.

One of the most exciting activities that he is now doing is that he is offering free saffron and also the organic eggs in his new firm. The main reason as to why he is doing all this is that he has an aim of ensuring that he has been able to provide consumers with an honest option to the customers. One thing that Milan do for his firm when raising this animal is that for them they use transparency and they only use one method for their plant, and that is the organic option.

He believes that when choosing any product to use honesty is one of the critical issues and what most of the clients prefer because it is through that they build their trust in the firm. In the year 2016, this is when Milan logo and also the brand became a trademarked company. Since then it has expanded to other three different firm that it currently operates on this new area. It is one of the biggest firms that is known to distribute most of the eggs in the West Coast.

The saffron that they are known to produces is very marketable, and they are the largest distributors in the whole world. It is one of the firms that appreciate the traditional means of providing and cultivating saffron, but at the same time, they are known to give a chance to some of the innovation that has been discovered. The Milan team are currently using drip irrigation, and also they are researching the use of hydroponics.


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