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Family Is Expecting Bobbi Kristina To Pass At Any Time

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, she was recently taken off of any life supporting medications, and many feel that she will pass at any time. Bobbi Kristina In Hospice Care. The 22-year-old has been in a coma since late January when she was found unresponsive in her bathroom tub. Many questions surround Nick Gordon, who is Bobbi’s boyfriend. Although Nick and Bobbi had pretended to be husband and wife, it has been proven that Nick and Bobbi never got married. Many are holding Nick responsible for what happened to Bobbi Kristina, and in fact, a lawsuit has been taken out against Nick Gordon.

According to Amen Clinics, Nick Gordon was recently on the Dr. Phil show a few months ago, and he decided to voluntarily enter into rehab. Although Nick was playing as the victim, and he stated how much he hated Bobby Brown, many are blaming him for what happened to Bobbi Kristina. The lawsuit against Nick Gordon states that he is responsible for the injuries that occurred to Bobbi on the day that she was found unconscious in her bathtub.

The allegations go on to say that Bobby’s mouth was swollen, she had a tooth knocked out, and she was found with bruises while she was in the bathtub. Bobbi had been under water long enough to where it caused irreversible brain damage. Bobbi has been in a coma for so many months that even doctors have no hope of any recovery.

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