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Exceptional Life Story of Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt is among the prominent entrepreneurs in New York City Devoted to giving back to society. He has excelled as an entrepreneur working with The Match Company among others sharing his ideas to ensure people have a good future.

On 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2017, Blatt served at Tinder, but before that, he was working at the Match Group as the Executive chairman playing a significant role in ensuring that people find their right partner (Medium).

Blatt graduated from Colgate University where he gained his Bachelor of Arts and two years after graduation he lived in various places including Colorado, France, Telluride, Budapest, Reims, and even San Francisco where he did different blue color jobs like bartending, painting and even bussing tables. Greg Blatt did not have a permanent position at that time, and the devastating situation contributed to him making a decision to go back to school at the Columbia School of law where he graduated with JD. While at the school of law Blatt gained interest in corporate law and Finance.

Since the businessman had the vision to be exceptional, he joined the prominent law firms where he gained skills and experience in the law business. While still working at Rosen and Katz Blatt gained interest in Entertainment law and wanted to put his life skills into writing hence was still in the process of writing a novel. Later he joined Martha Stewart as she realized the effort of Blatt; thus she motivated him to join the council sector in her corporation.

Four years late Blatt joined the match group where he gained interest and decided to give his best. Within their years the match group had experienced tremendous change since Blatt was determined to ensure it had its IPO. Barry Diller later offered Greg wasas the CEO at IAC where he serves numerous roles.

In modern society, many people have become very busy hence do not have time to date, but with Greg Blatt in the matchmaking business he can connect people from diverse areas allowing them to chat online, and as the mediator, Blatt connects people with similar interests.

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