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Evolution of Smooth: Perfection Personified

Evolution of Smooth is in the news again. The current lip balm leader has released its new Crystal lip balm. This isn’t your average, everyday oral care product because it specifically offer a ton of healthy benefits for your lips. Whether the climate is cold or warm, dryness can still occur. Evolution of Smooth’s revolutionary new Crystal lip balm is packed with five major hydrating ingredients as well as numerous antioxidants. The goal is to bring in or to enhance the amount of moisture in your lips, refer also to When this happens, the lips will naturally heal at a much faster rate. Even cold sores can say good-bye as they’ll be healed much more efficiently in the process.

Another wonderful thing about Crystal lip balms is that they have a brilliant new look. Instead of the pastel-orbed style, EOS lip balm has tweaked its packaging giving these products a more triangular shape. This triangular shape gives off a jewel-like presence. Nothing else on the market can mimic this. Its top feature for most people is probably its see-through design. That’s right! Crystal lip balms are translucent, which allows you to look right through it. Even its aromatic smell is tantalizing as Crystal comes in the flavors of Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, order here. There just isn’t any negative qualities here. Crystal lip balms are setting the precedent as well as setting the bar. Evolution is the key to success and no other brand is providing such brilliant ingenuity.

This company/brand is worth an estimated $250 million, and it generally sells around one million units on a weekly basis. Its growth is monstrous thanks to its gigantic fan base. All in all, Evolution of Smooth is setting new trends, it’s changing the game, and it’s dominating the competition.


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