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Everyone Is Disappointed In Bieber, Including Himself

The heartthrob Justin Bieber cannot seem to keep out of trouble. Folks at Amen Clinics have noticed that every time he has a chance to shine in the news its always something negative. Either the young Bieber is cheating on a girlfriend, having fun with graffiti, or acting rudely towards the elderly. Well, finally the r and b singer has come to the conclusion that he is really disappointing himself.

He Is Still Young At Heart

Listening and watching everything that comes from the media does not necessarily mean it is true. Although Bieber seems like the worst kid in the world he is not. He is young, and the only reason he seems like such a bad boy is because so many younger boys and girls look up to him. Twenty-one years old means this kid has a lot of more living to do and he is only learning from his rich kid mistakes.

Making The Ladies Fall Deeper In Love

If a man can admit to himself that he is a real screw up, and has the guts to tell the entire world; he is going to win more hearts. His music brings tears to the eyes of young girls, so his words and honesty are only making their hearts melt more.

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