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Eric Lefkofsky


As co-founder and now CEO of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is helping give cancer patients, and their doctors, new hope using cancer genomics.

Tempus, founded in 2015, is a technology company that is building a database of genomic and clinical information which will be the largest such library in the world. The database boasts a specialized operating system that makes the information easy to access and use. Doctors can access this information to study and better understand individual patient’s cancers. This will allow for more targeted and personalized treatment options, as well as reducing the doctors time spent diagnosing, since the information acquired will be at the molecular level of the cancer cell.

The noted Mayo Clinic is the first to take advantage of this new technology for its cancer research. In January 2017, Tempus and the Mayo Clinic partnered and the clinics’ doctors gained access to the wealth of information in Tempus’ database.  Based on

As of March 2, 2017, Tempus has partnered with Duke University School of Medicine in Raleigh North Carolina. Duke will use this new technology to help patients with aggressive, malignant brain tumors. Tempus is providing sequencing at the molecular level for these patients.

Accelerated Disruption

With his many, extremely successful business ventures, Eric Lefkofsky has authored a book called Accelerated Disruption that gives deep insights and advice to those who want to become entrepreneurs. This book discusses the effect that fast-changing technology has on companies, and how business owners must keep up with the changes to avoid disruption.


After graduating with honors from the University of Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky remained there through law school, graduating with his Juris Doctor.

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