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Eric Lefkofsky Has Found His Purpose

Eric Lefkofsky recently started a company called Tempus, and he is sure that this company is his true purpose in life. Tempus is geared towards helping people fight cancer and similar diseases. This is done through technology that was created and used by leading researchers in the medical field, and these researchers are employed by Tempus.

One of the main ways Tempus helps people fight cancer is through their cell-free biopsy. This allows researchers to analyze cells individually. They can then differentiate between cancer cells and non-cancer cells. Once cancer cells are found they are then targeted by Tempus’ gene editing program. This program literally transforms a person’s genes, so they are free from all hereditary diseases. Patients are required to get regular checkups to make sure their genes remain uncontaminated.

The real joy for Eric Lefkofsky and everyone at Tempus is after cancer cells are found and targeted. The attributes of the cancer cells are entered into Tempus’ digital system. Here, any doctor connected with Tempus can access the uploaded attributes of cancer cells through the digital system. When analyzing cells of their patients, If any of the cells are the same as those in the Tempus digital system, doctors will know that cancer is on the way. This will allow patients to attack cancer before it ever makes it way through the body.

Eric Lefkofsky grew up in Michigan, and he always believed his purpose in life was to be a great businessman. He was always surrounded by businessmen who paved the way for him to become great. He attended Michigan State University and landed an outstanding internship. In no time, Eric established own business and his own brand in the industry.

Though he was successful, Eric always felt like something was missing. He always felt like he wanted to serve his community more. When asked to invest in medical technology that would change the world, he knew this was it.

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