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Equities First Holdings Settles Shares Loan with UK’s Angle PLC

In 2014, Equity First Holdings got into a deal with UK shareholding firm, Angle PLC. According to the deal they signed, Equity got 1.35 million in shares of Angle PLC and was to use them as collateral in a certain business transaction. The deal also stated that upon the repayment of the loan that they had used the shares as collateral for, Equity would return the shares to Andrew Newland, the Chairman of Angle PLC.

This was the first transaction that Equities First Holdings made in the UK after entering the shares market in London. In the same year, they acquired the Meridian Equity Partners Limited and rebranded it to Equities First, London Limited. The business entity operates with licensing from the financial conduct authority of the United Kingdom. The founder and CEO of EFH stated that the company had a long standing tradition of returning collateral to their clients after many successful transactions and that they had completed more than 700 transactions this way.

About Equities First Holdings

This company has been in operation for close to four years now. It was established to provide clients with alternative financing solutions. They supply capital for clients that need it but cannot access the traditional systems. One of the collateral types that they take from many of their clients is publicly traded shares in the stock market. When they entered this business, they understood perfectly that it was being misrepresented by a few individuals who used to take their client’s stock and dump it in the common market after hitches occurred in the repayment agreement. They created a different approach whereby the lending and repayment processes are a lot smoother and productive.

Currently, they have made transactions amounting to more than $1.4 billion. All this funding has gone to companies that would otherwise have missed the opportunity to get the needed capital to grow their businesses. The company currently owns offices in nine countries around the globe including China, Singapore and Australia. The company will keep coming up with new and better products to help their customer reach the level of financial freedom and accomplishments they desire.

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