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EOS Upgrade!

We’ve all seen those horrendous products “For Her;” products that are exactly the same as those made for men (or any human being), reproduced in pink, and made twice as expensive. We’re all tired of being told how different women are from men and that we need “gentler” things; a pen made for “her” grip, or a razor for “her” hairy legs. And now we have chapstick “for her” and it’s absolutely incredible. Head over to to read more related articles.

While chapstick is a unisex product, EOS has made it’s product specifically for women. It’s cute, colorful, accessible, fashionable, flavorful, and fun to use. EOS are easy to find in a cluttered purse and come in fresh, feminine flavors. But recently, EOS has stepped it up with a new product, see here.

Over the past few weeks, EOS has launched their newest product: EOS Crystal. EOS has redesigned their fun little pods to make them more triangular, more gem-shaped, hence the Crystal. EOS Crystal is completely clear and completely wax-free. This makes it 100% vegan friendly and eliminates that greasy feeling that everyone has after they put on lip gloss. It’s also made with five essential oils including avocado, shea, and coconut making it super healthy and healing for your pretty pout.

Currently, EOS Crystal flavors are Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. They can be found at most convenience stores as well as multiple retail stores for around five dollars. Upgrade your style with this new and exciting product!

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