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EOS Is Introducing Something Old But New To Lips

Hemp is nothing new in today’s world. Hemp has been used for thousand of years for multiple purposes ranging from ink to medicine. In ancient times, hemp was most commonly used for its pain relieving properties. But in current times Hemp is now also used in the beauty industry. Whether it is used in our products to enhance our skin, body, or hair; hemp has proven to be a great organic ingredient to our beauty products. Researcher’s today unlocked and are looking into the properties of the hemp seed and what amazing benefits its oil can bestow.

This year EOS is introducing hemp oil to their line of lip balms. Hemp oil is renown for its moisturizing and soothing properties, and the research department for EOS has been dabbling with it for quite some time. EOS is now ready to try out its limited edition of new products on its lip-smacking fans. EOS is hoping that their current fan base will enjoy the new ingredient as well as the new trendy flavor balms.

For a limited time EOS is introducing on their website Happy Herb and Baked Brownie lip balms. Both are infused with the ingredient hemp oil, which EOS researchers and corporate leaders hop will go over well with consumers. Consumers will not find these new treats at brick and mortar stores, because EOS is hoping to peak consumers interest based on the new ingredient without the all the fanfare of advertising. So, hurry while supplies last and get your hands on an amazing moisturizing hemp oil infused treat for your lips!

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