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Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson featured at the Music Connection Magazine

Entertainment law attorney Damien Granderson is a leading authority on intellectual property protection, including trademark and copyright registration. He has helped numerous clients acquire the copyrights registration to use various song titles, album tracks, images, literary works, and more. His legal guidance has helped countless musicians succeed in the music industry by protecting their intellectual property from theft or misuse.

Damien Granderson currently serves as co-owner at LBO Legal Group, where he specializes in entertainment law exclusively. He was previously employed as Director of Global Intellectual Property Protection at Hyde Park Entertainment before starting his firm in 2013 with co-owner Nicholas Giaquinto (a former partner at LIP Law Offices).

A 2014 graduate of UCLA School of Law, Damien began his legal career as an analyst with LIP in 2015. He quickly rose to the ranks and was promoted to associate attorney in early 2016. Damien Granderson is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, where he tips current and aspiring artists on protecting their intellectual property. 

His work has been featured in various music industry publications, including Billboard Magazine, Indie Music Digest, and Music Connection Magazine. Damien Granderson maintains a column on his blog, where he writes about legal issues related to the entertainment industry from time to time.

The successful attorney Damien Granderson is also an accomplished pianist and songwriter who has written material for several upcoming releases by LBO Attorney Group clients. He is fluent in French and Spanish and currently serves as the secretary of the UCLA Alumni Association. His interest in international travel has led him to explore various parts of Asia. Entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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