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Elias Landsmanas – Circular Economy

Elias Landsmanas Promotes Sustainable Business and Circular Economies

Recognizing that a culture of food waste is prevalent in most countries, Elias Landsmanas, director of a leading Mexican foods-services conglomerate, Corporativo Kosmos, has taken charge of not only food quality and safety but also the promotion of sustainable-practices awareness among collaborators.

A key topic for Elias Landsmanas is plastics and their excessive use and long-lasting and resistant attributes. The Mexican government itself has implemented reforms, prohibiting the use of some single-use plastics to cut down on environmental impact.

Additionally, Elias Landsmanas has implemented company waste management practices based on the four tenets: reduce, reuse, recycle and recover.

A primary objective for Elias Landsmanas is the development of circular economies, in which food banks work to recover surplus foods from food service establishments and even distributors. The practice has the support of government entities and agency alliances as well.

An agency engaged in food recovery and waste prevention is the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, named for Elias father and Corporativo Kosmos founder, Pablo Landsmanas, and directed by Elias Landsmanas as well.

Tips for circular economies discovered by Elias Landsmanas include:

  • Endeavoring to repair rather than dispose of electronics
  • Choosing reusable, not single-use , products
  • Identifying and purchasing essential products
  • Purchasing second-hand clothing or donating clothing
  • Reducing garbage output and separating compost and recyclables
  • Installing solar panels and reducing water usage

Elias Landsmanas is the director for a major Mexican food-services provider with over 50 years of history, Corporativo Kosmos. He also serves as oversight for philanthropic activities at the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation.

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