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Eduardo Sonoda and insight on how Covid-19 has affected marketing trends in 2021

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic became a catalyst for many businesses to grow their reach and strength in the market more than any other event in recent years. Organizations that have been following these trends have found incredible success in the middle of uncertainty.

Top marketing trends for 2021

Understanding Purpose: Companies that understand who they are and who they operate for have increased their reach and captivated their audiences. In 2020, companies such as Burger King, which early in the pandemic asked its customer to buy from McDolands to keep people employed, have been able to find success by understanding their place in their industry.

Building Trust: Businesses that established or increased their trust with customers have been successful during these unprecedented times. By increasing customer’s participation in marketing campaigns, companies were able to create meaningful relationships with their customers. This marketing trend has been particularly beneficial for e-commerce businesses that have never established trust with their customers who primarily buy on brick-and-mortar locations until now.

Taking a different approach to talent: It will be interesting to see how organizations approach talent-seeking from now on. In a world that is in a constant state of change, companies will have to prioritize different sets of skills. The businesses that have been able to find the right people to help the organization in this exponentially digital world are the ones that have been able to withstand this ever-changing landscape.

Eduardo Sonoda, as CEO and Founder of Eduardo Sonoda Advisory, understands that in today’s world, companies who are not willing to change will fall behind the ones who are brave enough to change.

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