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 When one speaks of business, one looks for successful entrepreneurs who can model the way for others! One looks for businessmen or women who not only make good leaders, investors, and company presidents, but those with philanthropic interests. After all, it is one thing to run a successful company, but another to care about others- such a person is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer!

Now, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is the chairman and president for Groupo RBS in Brazil. RBS is a huge conglomerate in the multimedia industry. It is the second largest communication entity in Brazil- not to mention how large Brazil is in land mass, so that is quite an achievement! He worked hard and moved up into the ranks following the steps of his grandfather Eduardo Sirotsky S.

Mr. Melzer was educated at the Pontifical Catholic University in the town of Rio Grande do Sul, where he was granted a degree in Business Administration. It is also noteworthy to mention he received his MBA from Harvard University in the year 2002. Additionally, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has been employed in a consulting capacity for Booz, Allen & Hamilton. Moreover, he has served as a Senior Analyst in the United States at the Delphi Corporation- a media company in New York.

His leadership, marketing strategies, and development skills have been a blessing to wherever he serves. He has been the recipient of several business awards such as:

2009- He was selected for his leadership in the ABP, an advertising association.

2011- He was the deserving recipient of the Coletiva. Net Award in Marketing Management/ Communication.

Remarkably, in 2015 he was picked to be part of the benevolent Cambridge Institute due to his dedication in family enterprise. This institute sets a role model insofar as setting good examples for the public and citizenry. He has also served on councils which promote ethics in business such as the Board of Ethics of the National Council for Advertising Self Regulation in 2009. Lastly, in his E. Bricks Ventures he publishes in Portuguese, his mission and goal for partnering with different business models, and helping them get off the ground! This business venture offers help with technology, marketing, and a highly valuable collection of contacts. Yes, E.Bricks Ventures is a capital funding investment firm that will help Brazilian business get moving. It helps with funding solid possibilities for success! He cares about Brazilian entrepreneurship, and the economic well being of his nation. Yes, that’s who Melzer is- an economic guiding light!

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