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Duane Chapman Joins Hunt for Escaped Convicts

Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the bounty hunter, has thrown his hat in the ring to search for two convicted murderers who escaped from an upstate New York prison two weeks ago.

The men, Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility with inside help and have been on the run since, believed to have traveled six hours south west as they make their way through the state of New York.

According to About.Me, Chapman who starred on a reality show relating to his work as a bounty hunter, said he has received about two tips per hour on his website. The FBI has placed a reward of $75,000 for information pertaining to the capture of the two men.

The FBI and the New York State Police are handling the case, at this time. The public has been asked not to approach the men if they are spotted, and that includes bounty hunters. According to experts in the industry, most are utilizing their websites and connections to find information regarding the fugitives and where they may be headed. Information leading to the arrest will net the reward money, just as actually finding and arresting the felons would.

Matt and Sweat were both serving long-term sentences at the maximum security prison when they escaped. Both were convicted of murder, with Sweat murdering a police officer and Matt convicted of the kidnapping, murder and dismemberment of a businessman. Both men are considered armed and extremely dangerous.

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