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Dr. Jennifer Walden, When Beauty Meets Brilliance

Beauty, Brilliance, Compassion, and Innovation are all words that come to mind when speaking about Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an accomplished and well-sought after American Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon. Recently Dr. Jennifer Walden has taken her practices from New York city, back to her native roots in Austin Texas. Famous for her innovative, and cutting-edge technique, Austin Texas welcomes Dr. Walden with eager anticipation, and excitement.

Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in cosmetic surgeries, and promotes over-all health including mental health. It is refreshing to see a Doctor in this particular field devote time, and practices to the promotion of healthy living. Dr. Jennifer Walden encourages her patients to be happy and accepting of their body-image, and promotes values such as self-esteem. Her practice displays positive and open communication between herself, her staff and her patients. With a male dominated industry, and a female dominated consumer base, it is refreshing to see a Doctor like Dr. Jennifer Walden in the playing field. She is someone who not only brings exquisite expertise and technique, but also gentle touch, making her an attribute to the world of cosmetic surgery.

You also can not mention Dr. Jennifer Walden without “tipping a hat” to her extensive work as a Philanthropist. Seldom do we see such generosity and compassion from such people in a position like that of Dr. Walden’s. Dr. Walden has been known to contribute not only her time, but her skill- set to those in need. With organizations such as Food in Tummies ( an organization feeding underprivileged children), and notable work on infants born with cleft palettes. Dr. Jennifer Walden sets an example and pioneers expectation, leading a way in Philanthropy for other’s to follow.

For her New York clientele concerned about her new location, you need not worry! Dr. Jennifer Walden’s bed-side manner, and compassion continues to be displayed time and time again, this time including how she manages her business! For those patients coming in from out of town, Dr. Walden’s practices feature a “Fly-In” service. Dr. Walden’s practice, and staff arrange flights and even accommodations for those flying in for appointments.

Dr. Walden’s team consistently prove that their compassionate approach to cosmetic surgery can’t be beat. They understand the stress that a surgery can have on an individual and truly go out of their way to be sure that their patients every need is taken care of.

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