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Don’t Turn On Your T.V The Ring Is Back

Nothing is more frightening than a little girl in white, and the moment you see her standing in the middle of the hall, or hear her evil laugh will make your spine tingle in a way that is indescribable. One of the most frightening girls that have ever been featured in the big screen is back for a reboot and I am talking about non other than that creepy little girl that came out of your t.v in The Ring. The Ring is back after a long hiatus and is ready to terrorize the dreams of people like Gianfrancesco Genoso again after so many years. Even though technology has evolved since the last time this story was told, the movie will still hold the same story plot and release that demon child to who ever views a haunted video tape. I for one cannot wait to see this movie and not be able to turn on my T.V for three weeks for the fear of her actually popping out in my living room. If this reboot is as good as the original, and I am hoping that it is, many people will be giving up their television privileges for a while.

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