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Donations from the first batch of JD's COVID-19 relief in Hong Kong was founded by Liu Qiangdong, who delivered success to many of his previous ventures with continuous growth and customer service. JD’s founder has utilized both business savvy and intrinsic beliefs to realize his vision for the company; he stresses the importance of customer service throughout development. That is what keeps him motivated.

On February 18, donated 100 million yuan worth of COVID-19 relief supplies to Hong Kong. Since then, the company has shipped more than 15,000 protective suits in one truck, and it will continue to send more boxes, with 6,000 that were sent on a weekend (for consolidation).

JD has created a portal specific to its app and opened up telemedicine consultations during the rising demand for healthcare and related necessities. It put together multimedia guidance on coronavirus infection prevention.

After receiving an alert of an outbreak on May 27, 2018, China MCC5 Group immediately commenced the preparations. They set up a mobile hospital to serve the residents urgently. Through this, they could effectively control the outbreak and ensure that the residents have a safe place to go when they are sick.

The Qiangdong Company focuses on providing innovative services to consumers while focusing on technological advancement. In 2020, they updated their company’s strategy and vision from “a reliable e-commerce company” to “an innovator and disruptor.”

This is the first time JD has publicly committed to China. Its autonomous vehicles are sent to Shanghai so JD can facilitate last-mile delivery of customer orders and provide PPE from mobile cabin hospitals, lockdown communities, delivery stations, and more.

The company now boasts the largest fleet of drones for delivery services, partners with industry giants to provide a vast array of quality goods, features unparalleled customer service, and ensures a positive experience for its more than 300 million active users.

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