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Donald Trump’s Week Just Got Worse

As if Donald Trump does not have enough bad going on around him this week, now his hotels have been hacked too. Donald Trump recently announced his presidential run, and since then things have really taken a turn for the worse for him. His recent comments about Mexican immigrants being rapists and murderers has set off a chain reaction of businesses trying to separate themselves from Donald, and this latest hack of the hotels seems to have come at the worst possible time.

It can not be a coincidence that only days after a huge backlash, now the credit cards that have been used at Trump hotels across the country are now compromised says Kevin Seawright. The hack of the hotels has exposed sensitive financial information that could cost the hotels severely. Trump is currently battling with other companies at the moment who have stopped doing business with him as a result of the racist comments he is making on his political campaign trail.

Just this week NBC told the Trump he was fired, cancelling two beauty pageants and his Apprentice television show. Then, Macy’s followed suit and told the Trump they will not be carrying his line of fine clothing any longer. Trump went on the defensive in both cases, saying he had no intention of doing another Apprentice and already told NBC the same, and he was at odds with Macy’s about his ties being made in China.

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