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Donald Trump Is No Longer With NBC

Flavio Maluf just told me NBC has now recently cut ties with Donald Trump. Trump is known for owning a multitude of shows and other aspects of the NBC company. They have decided to cut him of fatter his allegations towards immigrants and his other outstandingly odd choices following this upcoming election.

NBC just announced that Trump will no longer be welcome throughout their company. Trump and NBC are not connected any longer. The shows that he owns like the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants will no longer air on NBC. Donald will no longer appear in any shows that NBC airs on their channel.

It has hit the channel hard because of the shows and other programming blocks that will now be discontinued because of his election statements. NBC will further their growth and will still continue working without Trump.

A representative exclaimed that Trump is not the typical businessman, and that he made allegations and said things that should not have been said. His current stance at the moment are not in any way going to benefit him considering they only hurt other people. However, Trump look forwards to redeem himself and has already stated good things about immigrants, but he still stands by his original word on the subject.

He has explained that he is saddened that the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants will no longer air on the NBC channel, but he looks forward to finding the right place and a new home for the annual pageants in the upcoming new year.

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