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Desiree Perez Is Going To Turn Around Tidal

All knew that music streaming is going to be big business. This is why Jay-Z founded Tidal as he could see millions of dollars being made with this business. But Tidal was not able to make it. This is where exec Desiree Perez comes in, and she has left no stone unturned to ensure that the company gets its due.

Already the management of Tidal has changed many times as executives keep on stepping down. Still, founder Jay-Z is quite optimistic. Jay-Z has been trying to look for some other plan in order to save his investment.  Related Articles here.

Things are looking up now. Jay-Z, along with Desiree Perez, is seeing Tidal thrive as new memberships are coming in bringing with them a lot of curious music fans. Desiree Perez was looking for this only. She also knows that getting more members would mean getting more customers interested.

This is why Desiree Perez has just managed to get a few multi-million dollar contracts. After all, Desiree Perez is known for this. She was doing this with the Roc Nation contracts earlier. She is doing this with the Tidal businesses too.

Desiree Perez is the right person here for this business at this time. She will be helping in the transition of Tidal from one area to the next. She has managed to help Jay-Z transition from doing rap to music streaming. It was not easy at all. But it was Desiree Perez who made it look really easy to Jay-Z.  Read related post here, click

Desiree Perez is the owner of her business. Hence she knows exactly how deals are finalized. She knows which deals will be the most profitable for all. Hence she looks for those deals that will make more people sign up for Tidal. Desiree Perez has the perfect understanding and knows how to grow the Tidal business.

A number of album exclusives have been collected by her. These are from the famous co-owners of Tidal, namely, Rihanna and Beyoncé and T.I. along with Kanye West. They are equally interested and keen for the success of Tidal as this is where their investment is.  Perez’s Updates available at

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