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Denzel Washington’s Iconic Films


Denzel Washington is a prolific actor, and has starred in many good black movies. He has starred in plenty of films and has established himself as an actor who is very passionate about his craft. He has starred in a lot of films and has gained status as one of the most respected stars in Hollywood.




Denzel Washington stars in the drama about the civil war. He stars alongside Morgan Freedman and Matthew Broderick. It is a dramatic story about the courage people have shown in the fight to end slavery in America. They have risked it all for the cause.


Malcolm X


This is another one of Denzel’s iconic roles. He stars as Malcolm X in the story that has centered on the life of a street hustler turned speaker for Islam. Malcolm X was one of the strongest influences for blacks. Denzel Washington has done well to bring this role to life.


Training Day


Another iconic role of Denzel, he stars as a cop who has crossed the line and gone rogue. The film depicts Denzel’s character breaking in Ethan Hawke’s character. What follows is a film that reveals a lot of crookedness.

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American Gangster


Another iconic film in which Denzel stars as Frank Lucas, a gangster who has risen to power in his community. American Gangster was directed by Ridley Scott, brother of Tony Scott, who used to regularly direct Denzel.  It also stands as one of the top urban movies, to crossover into mainstream popularity.


Denzel has also branched out into stage plays which include Fences, written by August Wilson.


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