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Decentralised World of Michael Casselle.

Malcom CasSelle has shown brilliance, diversity of thought and business acumen to have dabbled to a variety of business industries. A former co-worker at Groupon described him as an extremely gifted entrepreneur and one of best communicators he has ever seen, with Malcolm having the ability to speak in English, mandarin and Japanese. He was the backbone of ambitious projects at Groupon with an amazing vision pushing the boundaries of business ventures. Malcolm had his bachelor’s degree at MIT and masters at Stanford in computer science.

CasSelle was a CTO at Tronic which was formerly the Tribune publishing. He oversaw the growth of properties leveraging digital assets. He was also CEO at Timeline Labs where external companies discover and measure their content social signaling. Timeline Labs was then acquired Digital Media at. SeaChange int’l when became senior vice president of Digital Media. Before that he spear headed a lot of startups in the digital industry.

He is currently the CEO of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) a web platform for buying and selling online video games using bitcoin, this website is highly advantageous because it allows traders safe exchange of product. It ensures secure payment and uses the bitcoin algorithm possible through a decentralized network. His previous venture was in OPSkins, the largest merchant of bitcoin in the world. Here configuration and database was centralized and with such network there was a limited potential for growth. This led to the creation of WAX. WAX combats the major problems of virtual asset markets using block chained enabled widgets, allowing users buy and sell without going off the game.

Blockchain smart contracts ensure a safe and efficient market as they create new user operations and market efficiencies impossible to have in a centralized technology. WAX will greatly impact the virtual asset traders in a positive way because of its decentralization. The difficulties from economic frictions can be quickly stopped using blockchain technology. WAX further satisfies the needs of the virtual trading by providing a global market place specifically to improve trading quality.


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