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Damien Granderson on the Natural Resources and International Law

Damien Granderson is a law professor at the University of Toronto. He graduated from Harvard Law School and taught courses on environmental law, natural resources, and international environmental law. The entertainment lawyer Granderson is the author of “Natural Resources and International Law,” Thomson Reuters, 2012. 

This book covers the primary fields of natural resources law, focusing on the interaction between natural resources, international law, and public international law. The Damien Granderson author provides a concise overview of practical skills in negotiating, drafting, and evaluating investment agreements for natural resource projects.

Damien Granderson has also published articles in “The Journal of Environmental Law and Practice,” “Law, Conflict & Development,” and”Alternatives (Journal of Environment & Development)”. He has also been featured at “And Human Rights Quarterly” as well as contributed chapters to both volumes on International Investment Agreements and Canadian Investment Agreements published by Cambridge University Press.

In the summer of 2014, Granderson was a visiting professor at Harvard Law School. Law Professor Richard Rothstein, who provided the guest lecture, commented on Granderson’s work in an article entitled “Damien Granderson: Be a Great Global Citizen” in “The Huffington Post” (Globalnews).

Rothstein also wrote, “Damien Granderson’s new book on international environmental law is an interesting read. While he leans toward taking a more complex view of issues like subsidies and local impacts to avoid over-simplification (he argues, for instance, that Brazil’s hydroelectric dams are not covered by international water law), he does offer a terrific guide to practicing the doctrine.” Damien Granderson has also taught at the University of Windsor, the Munk School of Global Affairs, and the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy (Cielap) and interned with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. In 2012, Granderson received a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School.

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