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CPA in Long Island City in the World of Accounting, John Savignano Adds a Much-Needed "Human Aspect."

Savignano quickly earned the reputation of being one of the top CPAs in the county as well as one of the chief officers in the field. He is well-known for his attention to detail and ability to work with clients with few resources or assets to start an accounting career.

John Savignano says that when a client comes to him for an accounting service, he doesn’t have to be afraid to ask for help. He expects the client to ask for help. When it comes to helping clients, Savignano does not try to make things difficult by pushing them toward solutions. He tells his clients that he is there to help and respects their process.

John Savignano, CPA, strives to make his business more approachable to new and emerging clients. He started his accounting career as a tax accountant but quickly transferred into the CPA business. He pursued this goal professionally and personally, and it has paid off. Savignano has attained a solid reputation as a top-notch CPA in the business. He’s very successful in the marketplace, but he’s also got a lot of fun side projects that he loves to diversify his income around.

John Savignano is a third-generation Long Islander whose grandparents were born in the U.S. His great-grandfather came from Italy, and his mother’s family is from Ireland. He grew up in the Queens Village section of New York City, graduated from St. Francis Preparatory School, and earned his accounting degree at age 20 from St. John’s University in Queens.

Savignano has worked as a CPA for more than 50 years. He began at Touche Ross on Long Island before moving to Manhattan and then as a senior manager at BDO Seidman LLP, an international accounting firm with offices in New York City and Melville, N.Y. Here, he works with clients of various sizes doing business on Long Island and throughout the country.

Professor John Savignano is known for being an active member of the Long Island business community and for being involved with various community groups focusing on education, health care, and civic causes. His work has been recognized by organizations such as The Business Council of New York State, The Association for a Better Long Island, The Coalition for Asian-American Businesses (CABA), and The Chinese Chamber of Commerce USA/New York Chapter (CCCNY). He has been instrumental in helping big and small businesses grow their businesses through sound financial management advice.

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