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Couple From 16 And Pregnant, Has Their Second Child

Anyone who is a fan of the show “16 and Pregnant” should know who Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra are.Catelynn & Tyler. They had a child when they were teenagers, and despite giving up their child for adoption, they stayed together through the rough times, and continue to be together after many years. The couple premiered on the show in 2009, and their daily lives were followed, where it showed that they would give up their child for adoption. Even though this was a hard process for the couple, they made the decision together, and always hoped to still have a family.

Years later, Catelynn became pregnant, and Tyler was overjoyed as well. They both were expecting a little girl, and they posted most of the pregnancy on social media. Recently, Catelynn gave birth, and even during labor, they updated their social media page, in order to let fans know what was going on. After Catelynn had her daughter, another picture was uploaded to social media, and Tyler was a gushing new father for the second time. No doubt many will have questions as to why this couple, who is still very young, would go and have a second child, especially after giving up the first.

Jared Haftel comments that people grow up, and this couple has staying power, so a family was inevitable, even though they are still very young. Best wishes to the young couple and their new child.

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