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Contour Positive Review Of NewsWatch TV

Contour Design launched a campaign because it wanted to draw awareness to its new series of workstations. They decided to that their targeted market were employees and employers based in the United States.


Contour needed a bit of assistance with marketing its workstation, and they turned to NewsWatch to create a segment for them. After the segment aired, sales for the Ultimate Workstation increased dramatically. Bret Hudson, a manager at Contour, praised the hardwork that the team at NewsWatch put in because it was down to them that sales increased by a lot.


In its review, Contour mentioned the video quality, saying it was of high quality. As for visibility, the campaigned helped generate over 600,000 online impressions. This is one of the main reasons why the company saw their ultimate workstation sales increase.


NewsWatch TV

For those who don’t know, NewsWatch TV is a short television show that is 30 minutes long. It airs once per week in America and sponsored/editorial content is discussed. NewsWatch’s main headquarters is located in Washington, D.C., but it has officers in the cities of Denver, NYC and Fairfax. Its parent company is Bridge Communications.


Susan Bridges and Andrew Tropeano are the show’s main hosts, while Michelle Ison is the show’s co-host. The hosts travel the United States to conduct interviews in remote locations. The hosts’ interviews covers a wide range of topics and celebrities frequently appear on the show. In most cases, the celebrities will be involved in the issue to some extent.


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