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Consumer savvy company, OSI Group saves Tyson Foods plant

I know you’ve heard of Tyson Foods, but have you heard of OSI Group? In this short article of truth and innovation you will learn just what this group is. Here, you will learn of Sheldon Lavin, the CEO and chairman of this company. You will learn how they saved hundreds of jobs within Tyson Foods. You will learn why they are providing one of the most positive, consumer oriented services for the companies you rely on the most.

Sheldon Lavin, a man little know of when thinking about what meat they will buy. Yet, he is one of the most historical figures in meat processing in our recent history. OSI Group wasn’t always known by that name, but in the 70’s when the company was known as Otto & Sons, Lavin financially backed this company. In 1973 Otto & Sons opened a plant in Chicago that became the first dedicated facility for McDonald’s. In 1975 the company rejoiced in becoming OSI Industries.

In 2016 they acquired a Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, Illinois. Why, you may wonder? Because the plant was closing, losing employees, and losing it’s ability to maintain innovation with the changes of consumer America. OSI Group acquired this company and offered many Tyson employees an opportunity to maintain employment with their company. Literally hundreds of people dreaded losing their job and we’re saved thanks to OSI Group.

This is a company who doesn’t look for recognition, stays behind the scenes, and truly cares for its customers. In 1955 they became McDonald’s first fresh ground beef supplier. Who doesn’t love McDonald’s? OSI Group continued on to become international in over 17 countries! Becoming one of the largest, trusted, manufacturers of fresh ground beef and other meats that you love and eat every day.

Despite being awarded many awards from both Britain and India, they have remained humble and centered around safe, quality foods for people not just nationally, but internationally. While still providing amazing products and services, OSI Group provides amazing employment opportunities and care for the whole world, not just a select few. I used to work at a plant in Arkansas for Tyson Foods, and wish there had been a company as true as this make the changes required to worry about all of us!

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