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Confederate Flag Removed from Dukes of Hazzard Car

An iconic relic of the 80s has just been rendered unidentifiable as Warner Brothers announced plans to remove the Confederate Flag from all of the company’s Dukes of Hazzard gear. The symbol was painted on the roof of the orange 1969 Dodge Charger driven by the film’s two lead characters, Bo and Luke Duke. Many of the show’s action sequences involved the two cousins’ misadventures racing around in the car.

The television series was set in the American south, so it is no surprise that the Confederate Flag adorned the roof of the adventure machine. The car, and its adornment, became synonymous with sultry women, high-speed car chases, and fun.

So why does Warner Brothers want to remove the iconic image from their products Brad Reifler asks?

Dylan Roof, a South Carolina man with bats in his belfry, went on a shooting rampage during a Wednesday evening Bible study at the Emanuel AME Church. Roof entered the church, accusing those present of “taking our women and jobs” before opening fire. All nine of those killed were African-American and evidence later seemed to confirm Roof’s hateful and racist agenda.

Following the shooting, many in South Carolina flew their American and Confederate flags at half-mast. Several politicians, including President Barack Obama, called for the Confederate flags to be removed. Many states, organizations, and companies have since jumped on board, removing the symbol from their buildings and merchandise.

I can only snicker and sneer at the ignorance, as what we commonly today call the Confederate flag was never adopted as a symbol of the Confederacy, but is instead the battle flag of the armies of Tennessee and Northern Virginia. The actual Confederate flag changed many times throughout the short history of the Confederacy, but the image that we today associate with the Civil War was never actually adopted by the Confederacy.

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