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Cloud Inventory

Data Systems International is a company that has its headquarters in Kansas City, and they specialize in the production and development of software solutions targeting inventory. The company has unveiled one of its flagship projects which is a cloud inventory solution.

The software solution that has been named Field Inventory Management is a revolutionary software solution aimed at assisting manufacturers and warehouses in managing their inventory better. The solution offers benefits such as streamlining productivity, compliance with the relevant authority, inventory optimization, and revenue generation.

Data Systems International predicts that the inventory business is moving quickly from brick-and-mortar structures to software solutions. The company is particularly proud of being among the pioneer companies in Kansas City and around the United States to realize the disruptive technology.

The solution is arguably one of the best solutions for tracking assets in the warehouse, inventory tools, and Jobsite. Suppliers get a new better equipped with tools that allow them to get real-time updates on the status of their consignment both offline and online.

Cloud Inventory solution released recently by Data Systems International, DSI has brought about visibility in terms authenticity, location, and real-time inventory management. The solution tracks processes that are involved in managing the inventory and digitizing the entire process. The process through which goods arrive at the warehouse until such a time when they leave the warehouse has been digitized by this process. Consequently, when goods are in transit, the flexible solution can track them up to the destination. The solution offers regular updates to the client and the warehouse manager on the status of the consignment.

Cloud Inventory gets developed with the client in mind, and the platform is relatively straightforward to configure. It runs on a no-code or low-code platform, allowing processes to understand and integrate other platforms much more straightforward. Customers find it easier to adapt to this platform as it is simple. See related link for more information.

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