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ClassDojo Will Help Paralympians and Olympians Teach Life Skills

In the recent past, ClassDojo joined hands with Olympic and Paralympic to play a significant role in instilling life skills and becoming role models to many children in today’s generation. This gives hope that in no time, kids in the entire country will be exposed to opportunities that will help them to focus and work smart despite the challenges they face.

In partnership with ClassDojo, many members from the United States Paralympic and Olympic decided to participate in the new series that awaits release named “Heart of a Champion.” Through this series, children will know the necessity of building essential life skills through inspiration from America’s premier athletes.

Among the participants is David Boudia, who got his inspiration by looking at his children’s classroom setup. David insinuates that the Olympians are the perfect examples and role models that most children should emulate. He adds by confirming that Olympians are associated with exemplary character and heart in matters concerning humanity. Through these athletes, children will learn about endurance and what it entails in competing with integrity. David participates in the movie because he desires to empower kids to be like these Olympians.

David confirms that focus is one thing everybody should have in life. It is pretty hard for one to get distracted by something that they intend to accomplish. When you are focused, you will be dedicated to achieving the tasks at hand while keeping in mind that all the studies should be done within the stipulated time. However, it becomes hard to achieve your set objectives if you have external distractions.

The partnership with ClassDojo and NBC Olympics has done greater good because it has significantly helped locate the best people who will play a significant role in the lives of more than a million kids looking forward to learning some virtues from their mentors.

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