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ClassDojo is a mobile application that connects teachers, parents and students allowing them to share school encounters. It was launched in 2011 and enables parents to keep in-check of their children’s learning progress. Also, parents can make recommendations on their children’s performance. The application designed to help teachers educate their students in a favourable socio-emotional behaviour and for creating a friendly environment for learning. Other advantages of ClassDojo include:

Data Sharing

ClassDojo is exemplary in sharing data. Teachers used it to keep a record of the behaviour of students which are later emailed to their parents. Every Friday parents receive emails reminding them to have a look at their children’s application once they are connected to the platform. This enables them to keep track of their children’s behaviour and give them advice often.

Parental Involvement

The platform allows parents to be part and parcel of their children’s daily school activities through the reports emailed to them by teachers. Thus they can take part in their children’s excellence in school.

Time Management

ClassDojo enables teachers to save time in classrooms through the recording of conduct and accomplishment of students in just a click. Whether a student is late for class or fails to complete assignments the teacher will feed this to ClassDojo in just a tick.

Kick starts conversation between parents and children

Through the reports that parents get daily, weekly or monthly; they can engage their children in their progress in school. More often than not, they will find themselves counselling their children on either their conduct or performance in academics. Parents also get to know which areas their children need assistance and in turn, can consult their teachers to help them.

Organisation and behavioral improvement of the student

The ClassDojo application helps in setting up and organizing classes. Each student is assigned an avatar and students can get an instant response once their avatar is clicked on. Students will improve their behaviour since they like gaining dojo points.


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