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Chris Spending Too Much Money On Royalty’s Toys

According to Brian Torchin, Chris Brown had an amazing Father’s Day, even while on tour, Chris is managing to juggle being a new dad and an entertainer. The news that Chris had a 9 month old daughter came as a shock to just about everyone including Chris, but he has been making every decision lately for his daughter Royalty. During his first Father’s Day, Chris shared a number of sweet photos videos and even a photo of the flashy gift got for Royalty’s enjoyment. While everyone is loving Chris’s daddy side, Nia Guzman is not impressed.

Not only does Nia not find anything Chris does impressive, but she actually thinks that her current boyfriend is more of a father than Chris. Nia made it painfully obvious that she is thankful for her current boyfriend’s help with Royalty, in a mushy Father’s Day post Nia shared a photo of her boyfriend and thanked him for all he does while leaving out Chris’s Father’s Day well wishes. Of course this raised some red flags about where Chris and Nia stand but that was only the beginning.

Nia was not happy about the three customized cars that Chris had designed for Royalty, and she actually thinks that Chris should be spending the money on more important things that are needed and not just toys and fun things. Nia wants Chris to send her even more money than he has been sending her, but Chris is not into the idea of supporting his child and Nia’s boyfriend.

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