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Fashion and technology have always played an integral role in the development of new trends. Whereas it is common for the technological advances to become fashionable, it is also common for fashion designers to use technology to provide meaningful solutions that can solve challenging consumer affairs. In the 70s, it became fashionable to use Boom Box, which later gave way to two cassette players and the Walkman.


In fact, these advances in technology also helped fashion designers devise innovative clothing that can help consumers. One of the most famous designers who integrated technology with fashion is Anouk Wipprecht, who has designed everything from a drink-making dress to Pseudomorphs and the self-painting dress. According to the Dutch designer, the marriage of technology and fashion helps designers contemplate designs that seem impossible.


For instance, there are a number of recent fashion designs that are ready to provide alternate solution for the convenience of consumers. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin recently designed a wearable neck band that protects the head and neck of the cyclist by inflating an airbag on impact. For cyclists, the bike protection system may be an answer to the helmets because consumers complain that hamlets obstructs views and it is out of fashion.


Similarly, Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon have devised a Frontline Glove for firefighters, which allows them to pass instructions with a simple hand gesture in smoke-filled dangerous environments. Not only these gloves are water resistant, but their ability to protect cut and burns allows firefighters to use their hands freely in a hazardous environment. As a result, firefighters can easily indicate their next move such as when to leave a scene or building. As such, the fusion of technology and fashion have also allowed fashion designers to use Kinetic energy to charge consumer electronics such as mp3 players and watch. There is also a running shoe in production that will charge a cell phone.


Nearly all of these fashion innovations are supported by entrepreneurs such as Chris Burch. Chris and his company look to fund imaginative companies that can change our world for good. So far, Chris Burch has helped more than 50 companies introduce their world-class ideas to their respective industries.


He is also instrumental in the introduction of brands such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Poppin and TRADEMARK. His diverse portfolio ensures that there is someone out there to support and encourage brands that look to improve human lifestyle.



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