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Check Out the Artistic Colors in the Lime Crime Cosmetic Line

Lime Crime is an innovative makeup company on started by a woman with a vision. The cosmetic products available through this company are designed to let people express their individuality, rather than just concealing their flaws. This company’s cosmetics include lipsticks, eye shadows, eye liners and nail polishes. These colorful cosmetics have been welcomed by both young and old and can be found at many online specialty boutiques catering to the latest trends. All of their products are PETA verified as being vegan/vegetarian with no animal testing involved.

Lime Crime’s Lip Colors

Their lipsticks are available in both solid and liquid form making it easy to choose the right formula. The solid stick lip colors come in twist-style tubes with the company’s signature logo of fantasy stars and unicorns on the outside. These colors can be used as artist tools for the lips by combining different shades to accent or highlight various lip areas. Colors for these products range from the bold tangerine to the cool aqua blue.

The liquid lip colors also come in decorative cylindrical containers with applicators. These colors go on smooth and shiny, but dry to a matte finish. The shades in this line range from a deep chocolate brown to a luscious ripe red.

Lime Crime’s Eye Colors

This company has an array of colors in their Grunge line of eye shadow products. These range from earth tones in various shades of brown to the richer shades of ivory and coral. Like the lip colors, these eye shadows can also be combined to create depth and definition for the eyes. They are a great way to create a look of intrigue or mystery.

Lime Crime also has a line of glitter eye color for each sign of the zodiac. These products are mineral based and come in a variety of shades ranging from the soft silver-white of Gemini to the opulent gold-black dust of Taurus. These glitter colors can be used with the Grunge line to create a truly stunning look for the eyes. They could also be applied over lip color for some added sparkle. There is also a glitter helper adhesive designed to help hold the glitter in place longer.

The eyeliners available from Lime Crime can accent any eye to make it appear larger, while also adding dimension and color. These products come in a variety of metallic shades including an elegant gold, an eye-popping purple and a luscious lime.

Lime Crime’s Nail Colors

When it comes to expressive cosmetics, this company’s line of nail colors definitely fits the bill. Ranging in colors from the light pure peach to the sensual soft blue, these nail colors can be used to enhance anyone’s total look. Colors could be coordinated to match eye and lip color or even hair color. The easy applicator also allows for artistic expression by creating specific color schemes, designs or patterns on individual nails.

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