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Chaz Dean Succeeds in Creating a Sulfate-free Hair Cleansing Conditioner

About Chaz Dean

Chaz Dean is a hair stylist and the person behind WEN by Chaz hair care. His first experience at making hair products was at a salon in Beverly Hills where he worked as an assistant to the manager. The salon tasked him with making a deep conditioner for its product line. Since he did not have experience in the product development, he engaged in research and launched the product after nine months. He also developed a natural product line that featured primrose shampoo, rosemary conditioner, and sage conditioners.

Creation of the lather free conditioner

The experience he acquired at the salon contributed to a launch of WEN hair by Chaz hairline. He wanted to develop products that were free from sulfates and phthalates found in most shampoos including the one he created. His aim was to create fuller, stronger, shiny, and healthy hair. He embarked on looking for new ways of cleaning the hair without the lather, and this brought him to his garden. He picked sage, lavender, rosemary, apples, bananas, pears, and eucalyptus and boiled all of them. Chaz the used the mixture to cleanse his hair, and the result was fantastic. He, therefore, collaborated with a lab in the production of a cleansing conditioner, which did not lather. Chaz sells his products on eBay.

About WEN cleansing conditioner

WEN by Chaz hair care products come in a set of three, which includes the Cleansing Conditioner, Re-Moist Intensive Hair Treatment, and the Replenishing Treatment Mist. The Sweet Almond Cleansing Conditioner cleanses, conditions, and repairs the hair at the same time. The sweet almond oil and the aloe extracts used in the manufacture nourish, pamper and strengthen the curls in the hair this giving a shinier, softer, more bounce, and body to the hair. The five in one formula has replaced the shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and the leave-in conditioner following its beneficial components. Visit the product’s Wiki page to learn more.

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