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Charlie Cox Wants a Daredevil Movie

Anastasia Date reports Charlie Cox is receiving significant critical acclaim for his turn as Daredevil in the brilliant new Netflix series. As more people learn about how great the Daredevil series is, Netflix is going to see its subscriber numbers go up. Cox knows he is on the verge of being a big star so he is going bold. The actor proclaims he wants to star in a Daredevil movie and receive a cameo (or a bigger role) in Captain America: Civil War. Daredevil had a fairly decent role in the Civil War comic books.

Whether or not “horn-head” will receive any screen time in the big budget superhero ensemble remains to be seen. Rumors have it Daredevil along with other Netflix heroes such as Iron Fist and Luke Cage may show up in Avenger’s Infinity War.

Could Cox star in a full-length Daredevil movie? The odds of such a thing happening while the Netflix series in production are doubtful. A team-up, however, would make a lot more sense and surely could happen. Daredevil and the other Netfix hero characters are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why not bring them into the live-action films?

Daredevil and his cadre of friends (and maybe foes) are going to show up in the theaters one day. How this is going to play out remains to be seen. No matter how things are done, they are all sure to be a lot of fun.

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