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CGI “Reshoots” Are Ordered for Terminator: Genisys Fight Scene

Looks like some reshoots are being ordered for Terminator: Genisys. The reshoots involve a battle between Arnold Schwarzenegger and, well, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Actually, the older “current” Arnold T-800 ends up fighting the younger version of himself, the T-800 from 1984. Humorously, photos of the younger Arnold Terminator present a 1980’s era hairdo.

The reshoots have been ordered because executives have seen the footage are not thrilled with it. The goal with improvements and edits is to make the Terminator clash a lot more realistic and brutal.

No one really should assume that because reshoots are being ordered is because the fight looked awful. Reshoots and edits are common during the post-production of a film. The whole idea here is to get things right.

Interestingly, the reshoots are not actually going to be real reshoots in front of a camera on a set. Rather, things are going to be tweaked via CGI. Major tweaking work might even be done in the form of computer generating corrections and improvements.

Using CGI to “fix” Arnold might seem a bit much to some.

As fans like Marc Sparks of know, the modern age of movie making is here. Simply making changes via CGI is cheaper and less time consuming. No one wants to run the budget of a film up when cutting costs can be avoided. Terminator: Genisys is supposed to launch a new trilogy. The first entry has to be profitable for the second and third movies to move forward. Letting the budget rise too high would undermine this.

Besides, CGI is so good these days you won’t be able to tell the difference between the digital images and the real thing.


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