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The Chainsmokers “Closer” Nabs Tremendous Accolade

Although the Chainsmokers began life as EDM DJs they always wanted something more. According to both Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart they decided early on to branch out from dance music. Pall wanted a complete body of work showing their evolution. Taggart wanted to stay away from becoming their own parody. Both of them desired the title of artist and wanted to set themselves apart. Formed in 2012 the dynamic duet made their break in 2014. The breakthrough happened by riding the good ship “#Selfie”, which was their first real big hit. “#Selfie” may have established them in the mainstream, but it was not until 2016 that they broke out as artists. The song flying them through that barrier was a little number called “Closer”. “Closer” was a collaborative effort with another artist named Halsey. Halsey was just starting out and joined Taggart on lead vocals. The song was served as her breakthrough to the mainstream. Last month all three artists found out that “Closer” had breached ten million sales. It is now a diamond certified

“Closer” was a big deal right out of the gate. The song landed on the charts with a flash and climbed straight to the top. It did not leave either. To the surprise of many it stayed there garnering the fourth longest-running No.1 ever in U.S. History. Apparently, the song was not done. Two years later and it is still selling. Ten million copies is a lot but then again it is a catchy song. Pall and Taggart uploaded a photo with their new plaques to Instagram, with Halsey following suit after. The artists were all smiles clutching a very coveted accolade.

Closer” follows the accidental hook-up or two former lovers who run into each other. They apparently ended it over the man’s alcohol abuse. Despite this they still carry a fire for one another. The story is loosely based on Taggart’s real life experiences and also focuses on class differences as well. The woman, who is sung by Halsey, is apparently from a rich and disapproving family. The song has a very catchy beat and gets stuck in your head.

Wendy Huang the Multi-faceted Internet Beauty Queen

Wendy Huang is the founder of The Wonderful World of Wengie: One of the most subscribed YouTube beauty channels in Australia. She has built an incredible following of YouTube subscribers that is now approaching one million people. She specializes in online marketing campaigns and strategies and has worked with many high profile national and international clients on social media campaigns as well as growing start-ups.

Her global following continues to grow as she not only attracts interest from people from Western cultures, but has a large Asian community that follows her beauty tips that she fashions specifically for girls that look like her. She is Australian by nationality but is Chinese in heritage. She frequently publishes about beauty, her favorite trends, fashion and accessories, and does product reviews on cosmetics and Asian products.

Besides fashion and beauty videos and articles, Wengie also focuses on health, diet, and weight loss. She creates diet and food plans for those that want to get in shape and lose weight. She also has many videos and articles about how food effects your appearance and what you can eat to help you complexion.

Her beauty and lifestyle YouTube channel is obviously very healthy and has the largest subscriber base, but she also has started a few other channels focused on giving advice about vlogging and social media campaigns, and also a channel dedicated to music and dance.

Wengie is a outstanding example of someone that has figured out exactly how to live her life expressing her passions and makes a fantastic income in doing so. She also is a co-founder and product manager of a cosmetics company called UniMi Cosmetics which is a company focused on reducing a girls beauty footprint to the true must haves. She is constantly looking for new ways to bring her knowledge and expertise to the masses and is an amazing success story.