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Dr. Saad Saad on Life, Success, and Career

Saad Saad is a celebrated medical doctor prominently known for his specialty in pediatric surgery. The retired co-medical doctor has initially doubled as a chief surgeon as well. First, he practiced at the Hovnanian Children Hospital located in New Jersey.


Dr. Saad Saad is a native of Palestine where he was born. He had a normal childhood coupled with a setting of eight siblings who were entirely supportive of him as a brother. Currently, records indicate that he has been in the industry of medicine for over thirty-four years. Moreover, the alumnus of Cairo University Medical School majored in pediatric as well as thoracic surgery before heading to England for an internship and later to America to start a new career journey.


Dr. Saad Saad’s fields of practice include circumcisions, small bowel reactions, gastrointestinal conditions, appendectomies, hernia therapies as well as cyst excisions.


As a medical doctor who is trained to provide the specified services in the industry, Dr. Saad Saad has decided to go a notch further into the practice by creating medical inventions to be used in his field of practice. Besides that, he has extended his services beyond the conventional borders by traveling to Jerusalem to perform complicated surgeries.


Dr. Saad Saad received his mentorship and training programs in pediatric surgery from Dr. Biemann Othersen, a man he still considers a mentor. Interestingly, Dr. Biemann Othersen is an experienced pediatric surgeon located in America. He has helped Dr. Saad Saad to grasp a few basics in the practice regardless of every patient’s differences. Some of these differences include faith, ethnicity, and physical capabilities among others.


Over and above all, Dr. Saad has been supportive of his patients. Best known for his kindness and reliability, he has set an exemplary pace that every medical practitioner should emulate. In line with that, he has often believed that some diseases are genetics –linked and must be addressed from that point of view. As such, he advocates for extensive research with the aim of establishing the causative agent from the roots. Saad Saad goes further to state that it is critical to consider other causative agents besides genetics.


Dr. Saad Saad has set an admirable pace in the industry of healthcare. Before he fully retired, he practiced at the New Jersey Eatontown. His practice was relatively encompassing a series of multiple hospitals including the Jersey Shore University Medical Center as well as the Monmouth Medical Center. Aside from that, he worked as a pediatric surgeon in several medical facilities and his experience was a motivational aspect to other medical doctors who practiced within his line. Learn more:


Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega Managing A Prosperous Media Firm

     There are a number of media firms in Mexico. But the most prosperous and reputed is Grupo Televisa, S.A. It is big enough to dominate the media space in Mexico. This also means that the company has to compete intrinsically on a continual basis in order to maintain the pace that it has already set for itself in the Mexican markets. It has to compete with the standards that it has set for itself.

Nearly half the population of Mexico is relying on Grupo Televisa, S.A. for all their information as well as entertainment purposes. This company is already having a reputation for stellar reporting along with providing an exquisite presentation. This company has made a lot of investment in its television as well as printing networks. Televisa has the largest printing press in the world that is in the Spanish language. Besides, it has four broadcasting networks for television too. The company has an immense capacity and hence able to reach out to more than 225 television stations all across Mexico. This way it is able to reach out to more than 90 percent population of Mexico.

Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega has promoted Grupo Televisa, S.A. that is the most preferred among the Mexicans. Nearly 70 percent of the total viewership of Mexico is enjoyed by Televisa. This is because it provides over 50, 000 hours of telenovelas annually. In Mexico, Telenovelas are the latest sensation. These are top quality telenovelas that are liked by all.

The leadership of Televisa has made a major difference here. The Executive Vice President of this company is Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega. He has been with this company since a long time. He has already proved his mettle. He has greatly contributed to building this company. Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega joined Televisa in 1997. By 2009 he became the chairperson of the finance committee of this company.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Role as Top CFO in the Mexican Media Front

     The Mexican media sector has seen a number of significant changes and improvements over the past two decades. True to the changes, it is now common to see new media companies. Subsequently, the companies are slowly changing the dynamics of the sector. The magazine segment has been the most affected by this and is becoming more interesting by the day. Popular magazines such as Nexos, Proceso, and Letra Libres have since established themselves with their niches.

The most influential media platform, television, has been dominated by two major players in Mexico, that is, Televisa and Azteca. Each of these has two major channels that dominate most of the Mexican audience’s living rooms. Other television stations in the country mostly comprise of an institution-run channel that is mostly limited to showing purely cultural content. For the two giants, exceptional personnel seems to be the order of the day that drives the success. One such person is Televisa’s CFO, Salvi Rafael.


About Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

Viadero currently works as Grupo Televisa’s Chief Finance Officer. Besides this, he is also on the company’s board of directors. Prior to joining Televisa, he was the boss at another company, Comercio MAS SA de CV. The National Banking and Securities Commission of Mexico also saw him at the helm as chairperson. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero linked up with Televisa fifteen years ago and has diligently worked for the company to date.

The CFO was recently listed among the top 25 CFOs in Mexico. This recognition can be attributed to his ability to bring about excellent numbers regarding profits to Televisa. It all boils down to appropriate strategic planning and great execution on Salvi’s part. His experience in big firms has shaped him to the great CFO he is today at Grupo Televisa.

Understanding the Business Ideas that Have Made Bruce Bent II a Successful Businessman

Bruce Bent II is in charge of Double Rock, a financial services company, that was established in the 70’s. The company was founded by his father and a friend and has been helping the ordinary citizen access money, invest and get profits from sources that ordinarily benefit the mainstream banks. Bruce has been working with various financial institutions before he joined Double Rock. He is a graduate of the North Eastern University where he studied Bachelor of Science in Philosophy. He was recently interviewed on Idea Mensch, and these are the things that he had to say about his leadership and investment skills.

When asked about how his day typically looks like and the how he makes sure it is productive, he stated that the best thing about his company is that it is more focused on what is delivered to the customers as opposed to the hours that an employee will be tied down to an office desk. He added that the ability to move around, talk to clients and the fact that he can use his phone to connect with them helps him perform at the top of his capabilities.

When asked how he brings ideas to life in his business, he stated that the secret is to have a good team supporting them. He added that he always tries his best to bring the smart people on board because they are the ones who help with the innovation. He added that the one trend in technology that has been exciting to him is how affordable communication is and the fact that he can manage to talk with clients regardless of his location.

When asked what advice he would have given to a younger version of himself, Bruce states that he would have started diversifying the services that he offered sooner. He is however happy about the path he has taken because it has had a positive impact on his success. Before the economic downturn that happened in 2008, he used to manage the Reserve which provides the money to the major financial markets around the world. Bruce has achieved a lot and is likely to make even more as a business leader.

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Getting Up Close and Personal with Bruce Bent

Bruce Bent is one of the most successful innovators and entrepreneurs that we have today. He is currently in charge of Double Rock, a company that has been around for four decades. The company concerns itself with providing alternative investments for average people so that they can manage to make a difference in their lives, whereas generally, the money would be benefiting the banks and the wealthy. The company has grown from the humble beginnings to one of the biggest in the industry and currently, they hold over 60 patents for financial services. Bruce is the son of the founder of Double Rock.

Before he started working with Double Rock, Bruce was working with the Reserve. The reserve was the largest provider of money to the money markets. After the 2008 economic downturn, he oversaw the liquidation and successful sale of some of the assets of the New York based reserve. He has a lot of experience in business management and his track record as an innovator has been proven. Bruce Bent gave an interview to Idea mensch about his life, career, and success.

When asked about the idea to name the company double rock, he stated that it was his father and his partner who came up with the name. The duo felt that the name was an appropriate title especially because of their purpose, which was to help the common man achieve some financial security. The company has since grown into a multi-million business entity and are managing assets that amount to more than $130 billion.

When asked about the things which he likes about his job, he stated that the first thing he likes about the job is the ability to help people improve their situation. He confided that the capacity to move around and help his customers and the fact that he can communicate with them regardless of where they are makes his day full of purpose.

When asked about how they bring ideas to life, he stated that teamwork is the secret. He added that while it may take a single person to come up with an idea, it is only through teamwork that the idea can be realized. His success is an indicator that he is one business leader to watch.

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Advances Being Made at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is working collectively to bring Allscripts and NantHealth together to make a custom solution for the clinical support that the center offers to each and every patient. The collection of workflow that is used by Allscripts Sunrise Electronics health records is using a seamless integration for the support and solutions for those in the pathway programs. This program will work to help those with cancer to make an informed decision about their treatment options without creating a disruption of the workflow by each physician. The system will allow for those involved in the care of each patient to be treated independently instead of being treated as a whole group of patients.

The Clinical Pathways that creates the treatment of the patients is aimed appropriately to each patient. The guesswork is eliminated in each patients records and clinicians can work better by not reading the unneeded notes and records of a patient. All of the data and the research needed for oncology is always being updated and the standard of care for each of the patients to choose from is aimed specifically towards their own needs and not those needs of others who are affected or diagnosed with cancer.

It is the Cancer Treatment Centers of America that works to bring every patient who is affected by or their loved ones who are affected by cancer to be treated privately. For every person who is affected and for every patient that is diagnosed, their case of cancer is independent and entirely separate from another patients level of care. No cancer case is ever identical and how each person responds to their own level of care is completely separate. Although there is a situation that is similar, their cases are independent. For this reason alone, their care should also be separate from one another and their treatment options should be as well.

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Omar Yunes Redefines the Franchising Sector in Mexico

Mexico has been a forgotten nation for a long time when it comes to the franchising business. This, however, is due to change thanks to Omar Yunes win of the Best Franchisee of the World award held in Florence, Italy in December 2015. Omar Yunes won the prestigious award defeating other franchisees that were representing the 34 countries in attendance.

To Omar Yunes and the entire country of Mexico, this is no easy achievement. The win comes in the wake of restructuring the franchising industry in the country, and the win is just an additional confirmation that Mexico as a country is ready and capable of handling international franchisee brands. This sentiment was also echoed by Diego Elizarrarrás, the official organizer of Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) who expressed confidence in the potential of the industry.

Like any other award, the BFW award had some requirements in which the overall winner ought to have distinguished himself or herself for them to win. According to Diego and the jury, the award sought to establish the franchising-franchisee relationship, developments are undertaken by the franchisee to better the overall brand, how well information was managed and importantly the motivational levels of the employees. By winning the award, Omar Yunes proved to be quite an instrumental figure in the franchisee brand he represents, Sushi Itto.

Sushi Itto is a famous Japanese food chain brand with stores all over the world. Mr. Omar’s interest in this food chain brand dates back in his formative years. With only 21 years, Omar Yunes was a proud franchisee of the food chain. He, however, did not stop at one. As he progressed with years, he would later expand his ownership to 13 food chain stores that are distributed across, Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla.

About Omar Yunes
Omar Yunes is a distinguished figure in the franchising world. Current the entrepreneur has a stake of 10% in the overall Sushi Itto fast food chain brand owing at least 13 food chains. Mr. Yunes has an industry experience of over 15 years and has employed 400 Mexicans in his franchising business.

Tech Meets Fashion in a Fascinating Mash Up

Technology and fashion combine to create an addictive experience that is may not remain to exotic for long. Since the 1970s technology has entered the human psyche as something that is always fashionable. In the true spirit of keeping up with the Joneses we now have to have the latest in gadgets that give is convenience and signal our purchasing power. The combination of fashion and technology then, would be natural. This is exactly what is happening in the high fashion fields. How long will it be before the average Joe is sporting a set of iPants? Maybe not next century.


The combination of technology and high fashion is officially becoming a movement. Fashion designers love what delivers, and technology does exactly that. Consumers are hard-wired to find satisfaction from electronic devices, so why not use this trend in the fashion? Innovation and functionality should and can work together. Anouk Wipprecht, Dutch fashion designer and technology enthusiast is a key part of this effort to marry the realms of fashion and tech. She states in a recent interview that technology is like a playground. Wipprecht is known for her imaginative designs. She has created a self-painting dress and cocktail making dress. Technology doesn’t mean a lack of concern over the environment. In fact, tech fashion designers are recycling materials to create new and appealing lines that appeal to techies and hippies alike.


Christopher Burch is an international real estate investor and entrepreneur. In 2011, Mr. Burch created C. Wonder, an accessories and apparel retailer, which was later bought by the company Xcel Brands. As of July 2014, Mr. Burch teamed up with beloved entertainer, Ellen DeGeneres, to create and promote a lifestyle brand called ED by Ellen Degeneres. He has also been responsible for several real estate development projects of interest. With his company Cocoon9, Burch focused on the luxury prefab homes market, envisioning a living space that operated on Tiny House principals. These homes are known for their space-saving floor plans and contemporary designs.


Burch’s portfolio also shows the make of an individual who is concerned with climate objectives. He has created sustainable and stylish houses for the hospitality sourcing company Bur+Mah. Currently, he is supporting the creation of more innovative niche consumer products brands. These products will span across the retail, hospitality and fashion industry. He may even be responsible for bringing a tech meets fashion brand to life soon.


Get The Best Wines For The Holidays From UK Vintners

UK Vintners is an independent wine merchant. It specializes in the acquisition and the sale of the finest wines in the world. It works as a stand-alone wine company. It collaborates with a broad network of merchants, wine brokers, and traders to source the most famous fine wines in the world. The company provides brokerage services for people who need to sell investment grade wine that is held in a regulated bond in the UK.

UK Vintners is able to select the best wine or champagne that can be used for any occasion through their dedicated team of excellent wine consultants. The company ensures that they give their clients advice on the best wines for the particular time they want the wine. UK Vintners recently made an announcement about the best wines that they had selected for the holiday season of 2016.

The company says that the skilled wine consultants of the company were able to come up with the best wines that people can use during the 2016 holidays. The wines selected include the following:

  • Beychevelle from 20008: This is a fruity wine that is soft and is made with hints of cranberry and raspberry. This wine originates from Saint-Julien with the consumption intended to be within 15 years after the first bottling.
  • D’Yquem 2009: This wine is perfect when it comes to pairing with any dessert for Christmas. It is made with hints of honey, apricot, sweet spiced pears, and other several spices. It is a white wine. It has its origins from the Chateau D’Yquem Winery that is situated in Graves, France. The winery has been in existence and has made wine for more than 400 years.
  • Montrose 1998: This wine is an excellent option for any holiday, whether it’s the Eve of New Year or Christmas itself. It is termed as one of St.-Estephe region’s best wines and has the aromas of black cherry, plum, and earth. The wine mostly contains Merlot grapes. It is termed as a people’s favorite.
  • Ducru Beaucaillou: This comes as another excellent wine option for the holidays. The Ducru Beaucaillou Winery is known as one of oldest wineries in the region of Saint-Julien, Bordeaux, France. A bottle that was made in 2005 is now considered to have matured well. It has a dark purple color with an aged flavor.
  • Pichon Baron 1998: This wine is deemed to be at the peak of its maturity. It is ready for people to enjoy it this 2016 holiday. It contains hints of black currants, charcoal, and sweet toasty oak. It has little acid. It is blended with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. The wine is medium bodied. It originates from the region of Pauillac, Bordeaux, France.

Those are the best wines you can purchase for this holiday season. You can now go ahead and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You are assured of a good experience that will make your holidays memorable whether you take the wine as a drink or an accompaniment of a desert.

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Brian Bonar Opens Bellamy’s And Takes San Diego By Storm

Brian Bonar is a financial guru of the highest order, and he has chosen to make sure that he is making his favorite food every day in a private kitchen. He wanted to step out of the world of finances just for a second, and then he wanted to start making food that he really believed in. According to Dalrada, there are so many people who are partaking in the food that Brian Bonar on the main street of Escondido, and he is becoming a leader in the event industry in the city.

San Diego has a lot of people who want to eat the best food, and they are willing to make their way into the city to get the best food. They love to have nice food, and they are very interests in the kind of food that Brian Bonar makes. He has his best chef creating a new kind of European bistro food, and he also wants to be sure that someone can come out to his new event space and have any kind of party they want.

The food that is made in San Diego is something that is completely changing the way that people that view their food choices. Brian Bonar went to great lengths when opening Bellamy’s to make sure that it would fit in in the Escondido area. There are many people who are sitting the bar every day, and there are several others who like coming out to the event space because they like a good party.

Someone who enjoys good food should be able to try Bellamy’s, and they will enjoy meeting Brian Bonar when they get the chance. Brian Bonar has been able to move from finances to food because he has a deep love for both. The work he does has changed the face of food in southern California.