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Living the Right Balance for Entrepreneur: Nitin Khanna

Dreams are made of silver linings and gruesome discipline. Entrepreneurs live this way of life on a daily basis. In order to maintain a sane mindset and stay successful in an extremely competitive world, many worldly entrepreneurs need to discover the right combination of work and personal relaxation.

From a young age of 17, an upcoming Indian immigrant, Nitin Khanna, came to the United States to begin an exciting time in his life and career. He began with completing his Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering. Creating companies and turning them into profitable powerhouses came with natural talent, as he sold his first company “Saber Corp.” — a Software Solutions provider— to the U.S. Government for millions of dollars.

Khanna’s home town was Portland, Oregon. He believed in sharing his entrepreneur skills with other local companies. He had set a personal thesis: to help others succeed.

This thesis in turn, increased the value of Khanna’s expertise even further. Other companies were amazed with his early on successes and inquired for his advice.

Nitin and his brother decided to expand their work into a “Tech Start-Up” business.

“Merger Tech,” became Khanna’s next genius born company.

Of course, the intense discipline and long hard hours dedicated to Khanna’s endeavors were rewarding, but he also had interests for his creative and social side of life.

Nitin had a passion for the night life club scene. He envisioned a “never before seen style of night life entertainment.” Along side 4 others, they secured a prominent historical building in Portland, turning it into a club with experiential artwork and created an underground scene with live music and DJs pumping the beats. Nitin Khanna extended his talents and love for vibrant club scene music into becoming a main line DJ at his club “No Vacancy.”

Khanna has represented entrepreneurs well, in showing work and pleasurable pursuits, need to go hand in hand. He is a believer in stress reduction and less anxiety in the demanding business world. Other high level CEOs have followed in his footsteps.

Nitin’s love of wine and helping other companies grow set him

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Sergey Petrossov of JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

Starting companies is hard but Sergey Petrossov knew from a young age that it was his passion. Straight out of college, Sergey began to create companies, some of which are still in operation today. He worked to create not only new technology but also new ways of interacting with the company and with the desired outcome of the company as well.

Sergey Petrossov and his family moved to the United States at a very young age. They started their journey in California but did move to Florida when he was around 10 years old. Sergey Petrossov attended university and got a degree in business and technology and began creating companies from the very start. His goal when he started JetSmarter in 2016 was to create a new and innovative way of chartering jets and chartering private flights that had not been seen before.

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter is a company that helps members to charter private flights, jet shuttles, and more so that you can find the right balance and the right flight for your particular needs. JetSmarter works with the private jet owners to help charter new flights for those that are looking for flights on private jets that might not be your typical flight. The company works to help fliers find flights, shuttles, and to charter either fully private flights or to charter flights with other fliers as well. JetSmarter is a wonderful company that does offer an innovative way to charter the flight that you want to take. They also offer access to great deals, great flights, and so much more so that you can get the best opportunity for flights possible. JetSmarter was valued at over one billion dollars and is one of the most valuable private startups currently. For those that want a fantastic experience that is different and innovative, JetSmarter offers some great opportunities for those members that can truly make a difference in how they fly private.

Teach to One is Taking Over Math Classrooms

Many school systems are enhancing their educational methods in order to help students succeed. However, there is a rising problem in these classrooms, especially in reference to math. These rooms are filled with a mixture of students who vary anywhere from basic to advanced level when it comes to math. This often leads teachers having to find a middle ground. One where their methods, as well as the work they hand out, can become too difficult for those students on the lower end and not challenging enough for those on the higher end. Thankfully now, there is a solution.

Prior members of School of One, a previous educational program recognized by TIME Magazine in 2009, have come together to create a revolutionized method to math education. Their Teach to One: Math personalized classroom program opens up the doorway for students to learn in these classroom settings to fit their needs.

According to Crunchbase, each student is given a daily customary schedule that will allow them to work on the concepts with which they struggle, as well as be pushed to further their strengths. Within these daily schedules, students are able to work by themselves and in small groups. They are taught various ways to approach problems which in turn opens up a larger opportunity for more success. At the end of each math session, they are given a short assessment to track their progress.

The Teach to One: Math program, keeps teachers and parents in the loop in reference to the student’s progress. Teachers are able to track each of their students’ progress online daily, which allows them to prepare a beneficial lecture for the following day. They are given a list of their students, the concepts and skills needed to be taught, the performance levels of the students and access to suggested lectures for the next day. The program also allows parents to keep track of how their child is performing in the classroom. This program is going to be a key to success in math classrooms across the nation.

James Reese and and the Complex Nature of Running TigerSwan

James Reese Tigerswan

The market frequently factors into a business’ success or lack thereof. No small business can survive when demand doesn’t exist. James Reese, the CEO of TigerSwan, discussed the critical factors that play a role in small business success stories. Market demand was among the top two. Since TigerSwan offers private security services, people don’t think about traditional factors such as market demand. However, the reason the company exists is that people require assistance from security professionals. TigerSwan meets a need, albeit one in a unique industry.

While market demand establishes a business’ need, the business won’t last unless other aspects of effective management come into play. James Reese found TigerSwan as a “Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.” Reese is a former Delta Force officer who is 85% disabled per VA regulations. In discussions about the company, James Reese mentions many complexities go into running TigerSwan.

James Reese Tigerswan

Reese mentions the concerns he has for his staff. Besides worrying about their safety while performing security work, be suggests he feels concerns about making sure TigerSwan remains solvent. Employees rely on the company to make a living. If the company closes down, all the employees find themselves in a difficult situation. So far, TigerSwan does well in the industry. The company employs 300 people. The team consists not only of former military and police workers, but civilians who come from many professional backgrounds.

James Reese says being a good listener helps him stay in tune with employee wants and needs. Listening to employees gives him insights into business-related decisions. Once again, running a private security firm comes with many challenges. So, Reese must run as smooth a proverbial ship as possible.

Understanding the value of promotions and publicity, Reese utilized a training facility he co-founded to give civilians a chance to train like special ops teams. Chevrolet served as a co-sponsor generating more publicity.

Ultimately, Reese realizes TigerSwan’s success relies on the performance of his team. Market demand and publicity help, but the employee’s work ethic and performance provide the necessary results. What small business would last in any industry without the support of its team?

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T.J. Maloney’s Lincolnshire Management – 1.7 Billion Dollar Fortune T.J. Maloney is a successul buisnessman. In 1986, TJ founded Lincolnshire Management which now manages over 1.7 billion of private equity capital. The company is a private equity firm

TJ Maloney is a successful businessman. In 1986, TJ founded Lincolnshire Management which now manages over 1.7 billion of private equity capital. The company is a private equity firm that focuses on control investments, operating in all industries, especially niche manufacturing, service business, and distribution based in NYC. Prior to joining Lincolnshire, TJ practiced acquisition, securities law, and merger. Aside from being a former Chairman of Boston College Wall Street Council, he has lectured as a guest at several universities. Teaching students and corporate leaders on how to invest and acquisitions in middle-market companies. TJ Maloney is the 2007 recipient of the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award. Presented by Ford Law School. In 2010, Lincolnshire Management was ranked in the top 10 performing private equity firms by Private Equity News and ranked 5th in 2011 by CNN Money and Fortune Magazine.

Among TJ’s much success and achievements, he also is very political and has served on 13 boards including Credentials Services International, Wabash, and Polaris Pool Systems. As a successful investor, it is not uncommon to face legal issues at some point or another. It appears Maloney was sued for breach of contract and unjust enrichment, claiming Lincolnshire has avoided paying investor distributions by wrongfully deducting fees, interest and expenses to a $99 million legal windfall. Aside from that, TJ was a candidate who sought election to the Alabama House of Representatives and lost the primary in 2018 mas a Republican. In his free time, TJ Maloney enjoys swimming, golfing, and spending time with family.

In conclusion, TJ Maloney has accomplished many achievements in his lifetime. With his business being worth 1.7 billion dollars, TJ has added several elite business partners to help keep Lincolnshire flowing smoothly and prevent any future legal actions being taken against him and his company.

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Jack Plotkin and the Future of Telehealth

Jack Plotkin

It’s not often a concept comes along that changes an industry forever but Jack Plotkin thinks telehealth will be one of them. For those who don’t know, it’s the notion of meeting with your doctor for a consultation without actually being in the same room as them. When this concept was first established, the only way to perform the procedure was by having the patient answer yes or no questions over the phone regarding the symptoms of their condition. The doctors then had to attempt to diagnose the condition based solely on the information they received during the call. Nowadays, however, it’s much easier thanks to the advent of smartwatches and new technological innovations. These devices are now able to transmit your medical data to your doctor in seconds and they can then use this data to diagnose and treat your condition.

Jack Plotkin

Of course, it’s not always this simple as many of these physicians find themselves with limited access to the medical records of their patients. Even nurses have a difficult time attempting to access the electronic medical records they need. However, there may soon be a way to work around this as they are currently developing a new platform that could become a solution to this problem. It’s called virtual health and it will attempt to combine all the data into one medical database so they can access whatever files they need for whatever patient they’re attempting to treat. However, even if this new system proves to be a success, there is still the issue of the rising costs of telehealth. Neither Medicare nor Medicaid will cover this procedure and, as Jack Plotkin points out, these types of treatments are not cheap. It doesn’t fall under insurance either but he believes that it will one day become ubiquitous.

Jack Plotkin Discusses The Impact Of Telehealth

Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin says telehealth has come a long way over the years and recently began declining after being introduced over 50 years ago but, with the advent of technological innovation, it seems poised to make a comeback. Back in the old days, they would perform these procedures over the phone and the patients would answer numerous yes/no questions over the course of a half-hour. The problem with this method, however, is the fact that the doctors would be unable to properly diagnose their illness due to lack of access to medical testing. Without their physical presence, they couldn’t run any tests on them. In recent years, however, it has become a bit easier to perform telehealth due to wireless activity monitors which can track your vitals and send them to your doctor.

Jack Plotkin

Even so, another obstacle that remains is the fact that these telehealth systems do not have access to their patient’s medical records which can often make it more difficult to diagnose whatever illness the patient may have. Additionally, many nursing facilities that deal with telehealth patients also find themselves lacking in the area of electronic medical records. Of course, they are currently working on a platform which seeks to rectify this matter. It’s known as Virtual Health and it seeks to integrate telehealth data with all the information needed for doctors to make a proper diagnosis for their patients as it provides you with updates in real-time. Even if this new platform proves to be a success, however, there is one last thing preventing this new system from becoming commonplace and that is simply the cost of it. Currently, this type of procedure is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid. Additionally, the costs of telehealth are not exactly cheap for most people. Of course, there was also a time when personal automobiles were only available to the top 1% so it seems as if it’s only a matter of time before telehealth becomes the new norm when making an appointment for your annual physical. As Jack Plotkin points out, it will soon become the standard.

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Max Salk; one man, many lives

Max Salk is a reputable personality. However, there are many different reasons why you may have heard of him. He is a traveler, a photographer and a businessman. Many people may face difficulties doing even one of these things but he does all of these, that too on a level which is not any less than a full time professional in these fields. You may ask how this is possible. In his own words, the secret to his incredible lifestyle lies in just two words, “time management”. He is able to find time for all of his hobbies as well as professional life. With adequate time management, it is possible to do several things at once just like Max Salk does. The number one rule is to give up the practice of procrastinating. This may sound like a difficult endeavor, but it can be achieved by a simple rule of “actions over words”. This does not mean you become so spontaneous that you start doing everything without thinking. Thinking is essential, but you should also keep in mind that if you think that you will start when the time is right, you may end up waiting forever. Another habit of his which is incredibly helpful for him is to be prepared. This can be done by a simple thinking process. This is also applicable to both, personal as well as professional ventures of life. For example, let’s look at an example from the life of Max Salk himself. He was once visiting Netherlands. One morning he woke up to see fog outside and felt like taking a walk. However, due to his habit of preparation, he took along his camera. On that walk, he took some pictures and today those very pictures serve as the front page pictures for his photography publications. This shows that being prepared at every little moment can prove to be incredibly helpful. He is also an outlier when it comes to the technological innovations. He still uses an iPod and does not go berserk anytime a new iPhone is launched.

Sergey Petrossov: A Brief Introduction the Serial Entrepreneur’s Career Life

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter is an app that allows private jet travel to cost less for people and be more understandable as well. The headquarters are located in Fort Lauderdale but they have offices in locations such as London and Saudi Arabia. Both the Founder and CEO of this innovative app is serial entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov. According to Petrossov, 120 flights are available each day worldwide. The members of this app can go on previous flights, or they can manage their time or date for the trip. This service is currently available to more than 3,200 airplanes in 172 countries. This service comes for $15,000 for year one, and every year after that is $10,000. Finally, by 2017 the company already had 260 people working for them.


Sergey Petrossov lived in both Colorado and South Florida but finally moved to South Florida before being a teenager. For his college education, he studied finance at the University of Florida. However, college was not a high priority of his as he was more interested in getting to work on his first startup. This startup would allow chat for audio and video to appear on website customer service. He would be the co-founder of this start-up due to joining early. Here, he learned that a lot of value can come out of technology in less time. That made him confident that starting up companies and working in tech was something he wanted to spend his life doing.

Next, Sergey Petrossov decided to turn to private jet activation in 2009 after someone told him about a private jet company in South Florida. He then was invited to go on a flight and was asked for potential help on growing the company into Eastern Europe and Russia. He started doing consulting work while he was working on launching an ed-tech startup. Moving forward to 2012 he decided to create a real-time pricing engine. He and his small team would build a beta and prototype and gave it to the people they do who fly. The company would then get launched in March 2013.

Maarten De Jeu Love for Changing the Business World

Among the benefits of having the level of influence like Maarten de Jeu is that you have to be careful and cautious of what the future holds for you. As long as you can consistently venture in all what you are interested in, you will dominate anything that you wish. Sadly, most people have passion and knowledge on how to be successful but lack the necessary tools.

Having enough money to fund whatever you would wish with your life can be of great advantage. Especially when the level of the necessary resources for pursuing something that you are interested in is insufficient. As a result, Maarten de Jeu has strived to provide the young and upcoming scientists in the country the financing that they have desperately been searching for this long. Maarten has not wholly been conscious of many years where people have suffered due to the failure of having the right tools to fight for their dreams. Maarten believes that this is one of the significant issues in the world. He has set himself to combat it to the level best.

It’s more than approximately any other businessman within his sector could claim. Maarten de Jeu pursues interest while operating a business investment organization at the same time. Anyone who knows how the firm works understand that it marks an impressive growth since his work comes with an excess of the work that he is supposed to finish daily. Due to this, he knows that he has finite time and has no other option than invest wisely.

Maarten de Jeu is part and parcel of the conscious effort and strives to link and merge the upcoming scientists with the necessary tools to succeed for long. Maarten has various ideas on how to handle the entire ordeal. It has helped Maarten de Jeu to create a complete and great picture on the business and Science industries. As a result, it would seem like he has incorporated quite a significant bank of information proceeding even though this wasn’t his main objective in his dream. De Jeu is very happy that he has influenced many lives merely through the developments that he has achieved in the science museum industry and business advisory. Learn more:

Maarten de Jeu is the founder of SVM Business Advisory in Chicago. The firm majors in providing investment advice the high-net-worth investors. Besides, De Jeu serves as Dean’s International Council member at the University Of Chicago the Harris School Of Public Policy. He has played a significant role in improving the business industry. He has earned great honor and made himself a great name out of his mission to educate and enlighten the world on how to succeed in business.

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