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Yubo Participates In Safer Internet Day 2023

As part of Safer Internet Day (SID) 2023, Chinese social media app is joining efforts with the International Youth Foundation (IYF) to promote digital literacy and combat online violence. The app will be partnering with NGOs to provide safety education and emergency intervention resources around the world.

The move comes following recent scandals that rocked its brand in China, including a shooting game tournament sponsored by the app which attracted criticism for its violent content.

To no one’s surprise, this story has also garnered international attention as many are drawing comparisons between the app and U.S.-based social media app TikTok. Both apps are popular among children, and both have come under fire for the violent content their users tend to produce.

Yubo is partnering with IYF as part of a commitment to launch its own educational campaign around digital safety. In July, the app signed a partnership with the International Alliance Against Traffic in Women (IATW) to launch digital safety education training programs across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Despite recent publicity and backlash from users, Yubo’s reputation is still relatively positive among Chinese consumers. It is currently the most popular social media app in China and has been crowned one of the fastest-growing apps in the world.

While their popularity may not be slowing anytime soon, the app will have more than enough work to do cleaning up its reputation after a year that left many second-guessing its leadership’s ability to keep up with emerging trends.

In January, a 20-year-old man live streamed his suicide on the app via a police helmet camera. The footage was viewed over 4 million times before it was taken down. Unfortunately, Yubo’s safety measures were not enough to detect and report harmful content in this case. In the past year, the app has also been criticized for allowing users to publish streams of live animal torture. In November, it was revealed that a young man had actually killed his girlfriend with a hammer on the app as part of a “self-help” campaign.

Despite these scandals and controversies, the app is incredibly popular in China. It often surpasses WhatsApp, which enjoys a similar user base and shares its parent company, Facebook.

Vijay Eswaran thought on managing stress

Vijay Eswaran is a prominent businessman, philanthropist, and author. In this article, he shares his advice for managing stress during high-pressure moments. It’s normal to feel a degree of stress when we encounter challenging times or events in our life. However, to retain our sanity and health, the key is learning how to relieve the tension created by these moments and get back into balance as soon as possible.

Power of Silence:

Vijay Eswaran believes that silence can be a powerful tool to help us find our center again. When we are stressed, we often begin to overthink situations and catastrophize about the future instead of focusing on the present. Spending a few moments in quiet meditation can help us re-evaluate our situation and put things into perspective. He suggests that even 5 minutes of silence can make a difference by allowing us to regain focus and balance.

Entering a Flow State and How to Achieve Your Goals:

Being in a flow state is key to achieving goals in any area of life. If you want to learn more about the science behind this, take a look at the Flow Genome Project and the Expertise Model. The simple act of focusing on what we are doing when we are in this state can help us gain momentum and keep us motivated through challenging situations.

Influences and Inspiration:

A common problem when we are in situations of high pressure is the tendency to want to compare our situation to others. This can lead us down a dangerous path of envy and jealousy. Instead, we must learn to take inspiration from those who have achieved success in their areas of expertise while resisting the temptation to compare ourselves to them. Vijay Eswaran also emphasizes the importance of moving away from comparisons, saying “If you want to be successful, you can’t compare yourself to others. We are all at different points in our journey and have had different experiences. What’s right for one person may not be right for another. I always say that the most important thing is to find your path and make sure whatever you do, you pursue it with passion.


Top Quality Services at Hughes Marino

Hughes Marino representation firm is a thriving corporation with its headquarters in San Diego, where it provides professional services. The firm has experienced growth in creativity and innovation. That’s due to a direct result of its exclusive focus on the demands of its consumers. When customers come to the buyer and tenant advocacy, they benefit from the firm’s focus on strategic solutions. 

The top-of-the-ladder corporation has been propelled not only by its skills but also by the organization’s culture. The critical values include, among other things, esteem for the team and faith in the provision of services with top quality services in the absence of any business. In addition, the staff at Hughes Marino is composed of professionals eager to direct the customer through each stage of the process.

Commercial Realty at Hughes Marino

In addition to being involved in other initiatives, the organization also provides various services, such as space planning, design, and cultural consultation. Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm has been ranked as the finest organization in terms of offering its employees opportunities for personal advancement and providing assistance in various domains. 

In its expansion into new regions of the country, the Hughes Marino representation business has maintained its position as the market leader. By providing more comprehensive service to its customers, the company has managed to sustain its level of success in the extremely competitive sector. In addition, the seasoned law practice Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm has, from the beginning, placed a strong emphasis on maintaining strong relationships with its customers. 

Several publications, including Fortune magazine, have acknowledged it. In addition, it has been honored with several other prestigious distinctions and medals in the sector. The firm also brags about having a sizable following on various social networks, including Facebook. Customers from Hughes Marino can, among other things, make appointments on the company’s website at their convenience. Hughes Marino encourages collaboration and open communication.

Ryan Bishti’s Insights on Restaurant Openings Formula

It requires more than a marketing degree to succeed in the hospitality industry. Ryan Bishti is a reputable business guru focusing on hot spots such as the Restaurants Ours and Windmill Soho in London. These great business empires continue rocking across the competitive market. He recently confessed that his entrepreneurial portfolio had been fueled by planning, dedication, and persistence. In addition, he embraces four pillars like the décor, client experience, customer service, and generating customer loyalty, which makes him continue thriving in 2022. After succeeding 20 years of outstanding and dedicated business ideas, Ryan Bishti has become the undisputed business leader in the hospitality arena. 

The report indicates that he started his entrepreneurial journey with degrees in marketing and psychology that established his business methodology. Throughout his tenure, Ryan has launched several hospitality landmarks across London. It involves reopening and refurbishment of the great historic Windmill Soho around 2021. 

That business marks his prowess in the hospitality industry, which is stylish and unique to grab more customers’ attention. It features high-end cuisine, entertainment fusion, a wide range of cabaret, drinks, and more. Though the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted many businesses worldwide, it continues recording a significant sales rate in London. Let’s look at a critical component that propelled his success rate. 

Customer service 

Any business is likely to fail when there are few customers. As the top-ranking hospitality business leader, Ryan Bishti focuses on offering transparent and accountable customer care service. His customer support is around the clock to solve any issue with their services or clarify customers’ needs. Ryan advises business leaders, especially in the hospitality industry, to train their personnel to handle effectively and engage with the customers. 

Attorney Trey Branham, among one other, earns spot on the Texas Super Lawyers List

Trey Branham, an attorney from Dallas, Texas, has earned a spot on the Texas Super Lawyers List. The list is pertaining to the year 2011. Trey Branham and Jeffrey Goldfarb are both recognized as the founders of the Goldfarb Branham law firm. The recognition is said to be of high stature as only upwards of 5% are named to the list in the state of Texas. Both attorneys were grateful for the honor and singled out the clients. Branham believes it is significant that the achievement is based on peer recognition, showing they are a trusted firm around the state of Texas. Trey Branham has worked on over 40 cases in the state and at federal venues across the country. Before earning this award, the lawyer also was ranked several times in Texas’s Super Lawyers Rising Stars. Branham’s portfolio includes working for corporations and individual clients based in commercial litigation. Trey Branham and Jeffrey Goldfarb are not the only two that were recognized in the state as two other attorneys were named to the Texas Rising Stars List. The law firm primarily is based on commercial litigation. Trey Branham earned his law degree in 1999 from the University of South Carolina School of Law and earned another degree in political science from Florida State University. Branham’s first priority is making sure clients are heard and respected. He understands he can not solve every client’s issue but can help the situation not happen again to anyone else in the future. The lawyer is most driven by his son. 

Ryan Bishti Reveals His Four Pillars To Success

There is more to succeeding in the hospitality industry than having a marketing degree. Take Ryan Bishti, for example. His extensive portfolio includes several London hot spots. Bishti credits his success to his dedication to his four pillars: customer service, client experience, decor and ambiance, and generating customer loyalty.


If you do not have customers, your hospitality business fails. A business needs outstanding customer service. Ryan Bishti urges owners to train staff to engage with customers. The staff, including greeters, servers, and management, are the faces of the company. Staff members who are attentive to customer needs, whether it is food advice or refilling a customer’s water, adds another level of customer service. It is professionalism that drives guests to return.


According to Bishti, the client’s experience consists of several things, including food, entertainment, and staff interaction. Owners need to have goals in mind and target the guest experience accordingly. It is necessary to value the customer’s time. Not only do you want them to enjoy the food and drinks, but you also want them to enjoy the entire experience.

Create A Scene

Ryan Bishti can not emphasize enough that creating a scene or a vibe is necessary. The key is to have the right decor and ambiance to create the vibe you want in your establishment. Take the experience that you are trying to create into consideration. If you want to create a romantic experience, the lighting, decor, and atmosphere need to say that.


Loyalty to the customer is what it takes to get them back. Make them a promise that you can always keep. It can be as simple as promising great food and a good time. Consider free offers on birthdays and special occasions to help seal the deal.

Richard Liu’s Comprehensive Background Details

Richard Liu is a prominent Chinese digital investor and also the establisher of an e-commerce platform known as Richard Liu Qiangdong was born in 1973 in a poverty-stricken area called Suqian within the Chinese province of Jiangsu. Richard attended the People’s University in China and graduated in 1996 with a sociology degree.

However, he concentrated more on computer programming because the internet was also coming through quickly. Liu Qiangdong later advanced to acquire an EMBA from China Europe International College. Over time, Richard Liu has gained tremendous success and wealth because he transformed an electronic shop into a digital marketplace called By 2018, this e-commerce platform became the best of its kind globally.

Richard’s net worth is approximately $12.7B. The store is still surging more stock prices because of robust collaborations with organizations like Google and Walmart. is comparable to Amazon, the best e-commerce platform in the U.S. Qiangdong’s prominence is characterized similarly to Jeff Bezos.

Liu launched his business called Jingdong in 1998 in Beijing. The venture sold an array of magneto-optical materials like CD ROMs. For the next five years, the store advanced rapidly to launch more outlets in Shanghai and Beijing. However, the SARS pandemic in China curtailed these expansion strategies and affected future Jingdong’s growth.

Richard began developing an interest in digital ventures because internet dependents were rapidly increasing. Therefore, this resulted in iterations that launched in 2004. The store started selling magneto-optical resources but later ventured into computers, electronics, and mobile devices among other tech products.

In 2007, Richard Liu renamed the store Six years later, Richard Liu Qiangdong called it In China, ranks among the best B2C digital giants based on revenue and volume. JD has been evolving to become a leading AI distribution and high-tech venture by using robots, drones, and other distinguished technologies. Refer to this article for related information.

Richard has managed to accrue a few important accolades over the years Richard Liu has been featured as an Honoree in Variety 500 website entitled, “ Richard Liu; Founder / Chairman / CEO”, as a result of his persistence, innovation, and hard work.

Find more information about Richard Liu on

Trey Branham and His Long Career as a Lawyer

In 1999, Trey Branham graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law with his Juris Doctor degree. This was only 7 years after he graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. 

After successfully being admitted to the State Bar of Texas, Trey Branham started working as a lawyer. He managed to start working in various legal institutions like the U.S. Supreme Court and various circuits of the U.S. Court of Appeals.

In 2014, Trey Branham was listed on the 2014 Texas Super Lawyers list, showcasing his work as one of the top attorneys in Texas. An example of one of his successful cases was when he got a class-action settlement against Dakota Growers totaling about $7.92 million, $2.9 million of that going to lawyer fees. 

Today, he’s also known for serving on the Law Alumni Council for the University of South Carolina School of Law. Included as one of 40 members, Trey Branham works with other members to communicate the quality of learning provided at the school to potential legal students and other legal institutions. Examples of other members on this council include James E. “Ward” Bradley, Molly H. Craig, David E. Dukes, and more. 

The Story of Jessica Dean Attorney

Women are seemingly taking up various top careers that were considered male dominant. One such individual is Jessica Dean an attorney . She is a lawyer by profession, having ventured into the career close to a decade ago. She grew up in a large family with seven siblings. Her mother was a stay-at-home mum while the dad built planes. She has always been ambitious in her teenage years; she started a job as a waitress. Seeing her dad working hard played a role in instilling work ethics and drive, which has become instrumental in her career. When she was not working part-time, she participated in extra activities: debate and swimming. She applied for various scholarships through the debating team to join the University to study law.

 Law school was not a walk in the park as it required one to be hardworking and resilient. After graduating from law school, Jessica Dean attorney wanted to have her law firm. While in school, she met other individuals of the same mindset. After graduating from law school, she moved into a different city where she represented workers who were unfairly compensated and mistreated by employees. Representing the different clients involved in labor disputes made her feel human again as attorney Jessica Dean.

She moved on to a law firm whose sole responsibility was helping individuals with Mesothelioma cancer through asbestos exposure. Many companies are aware that asbestos is harmful but do not take action. Attorney Jessica Dean is passionate about living in a community where the law is used as the last result. Using the justice system in place to help enforce broken laws.

Eduardo Sonoda and insight on how Covid-19 has affected marketing trends in 2021

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic became a catalyst for many businesses to grow their reach and strength in the market more than any other event in recent years. Organizations that have been following these trends have found incredible success in the middle of uncertainty.

Top marketing trends for 2021

Understanding Purpose: Companies that understand who they are and who they operate for have increased their reach and captivated their audiences. In 2020, companies such as Burger King, which early in the pandemic asked its customer to buy from McDolands to keep people employed, have been able to find success by understanding their place in their industry.

Building Trust: Businesses that established or increased their trust with customers have been successful during these unprecedented times. By increasing customer’s participation in marketing campaigns, companies were able to create meaningful relationships with their customers. This marketing trend has been particularly beneficial for e-commerce businesses that have never established trust with their customers who primarily buy on brick-and-mortar locations until now.

Taking a different approach to talent: It will be interesting to see how organizations approach talent-seeking from now on. In a world that is in a constant state of change, companies will have to prioritize different sets of skills. The businesses that have been able to find the right people to help the organization in this exponentially digital world are the ones that have been able to withstand this ever-changing landscape.

Eduardo Sonoda, as CEO and Founder of Eduardo Sonoda Advisory, understands that in today’s world, companies who are not willing to change will fall behind the ones who are brave enough to change.