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Eric Pulier: The Philanthropist and Genius Behind ServiceMesh

Countless women and men aim to emulate successful business people, such as, John D. Rockefeller or Steve Jobs and for a good reason. These people changed the face of the world with entrepreneurial genius. While Eric Pulier is not as well-known in this current age in every niche, he is on his way to greatness because of his future market demand and scarcity predictions. Not only does he rely on business tactics that have worked since time immemorial, but he also counts on his own unique way of looking at business and solving problems to craft brilliant new services and technologies. His curiosity and study of a wide range of topics makes him someone that crosses over into many different industries; much like Elon Musk or Benjamin Franklin. In 50 years of his life, he has built successful tech firms, raised money for poor and disadvantaged children, and continues to wow his critics and supporters alike.

Eric Pulier is a self-made man who was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. In the fourth grade he built his own computer just from what he learned from IT manuals, and he consistently scored well on tests in school. Eventually he attended Harvard and studied English and American Literature. To also pursue his love for technology. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated from Harvard in 1988.

Eric Pulier decided to move to Los Angelas after his education, and it was there that he began to work as a futurist and entrepreneur. There he founded the company People Doing Things (PDT), which was a tech firm that solved real-world problems through technology. His unique way of looking at problems gave his company everything it needed to help the healthcare industry, education, and people living in poverty to solve issues that stumped them. Bringing it to today, Eric Pulier now leads his company ServiceMesh who offers solutions to organizations and companies around the world through Cloud technology.

While Eric is very successful, he also wants to help others be successful too. It is this reason that he created the X-Prize Foundation, which helps people receive funding so they can make their ideas into a reality.

About Eric Pulier:

Follow Jason Hope to Identify Value in Futuristic Technologies

Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist from Arizona. As a futurist, he is adept at predicting technology trends. He is a firm believer in opportunities created by the internet of things. He provides businesses with the advisory on strategies to maximize emergent technologies. Jason Hope has published numerous technology articles. He explores connected technologies, trends, security, applications as well as strategies to discover the value of developing technologies.

Jason Hope is vocal about the impact of technology on our lives and business. Modern technology helps harmonize people, things, and places. Take the internet of things for example. It will only get bigger and make our lives more connected. He believes there is opportunity for businesses to provide utility solutions to consumers. The technology is eliminating waste and redundancy in technology and improving lives.

Smart technology has also increased confidence in public transport systems. This has resulted in better uptake, less pollution, and quicker logistics for businesses. He is also a keen advocate of using social media marketing strategies. The platforms empower businesses to grow new opportunities. You can generate new leads, share news and stay relevant with millions of potential customers through social media.

Most of Jason Hope’s investments are in the technology sector. His expansive portfolio includes companies involved in online marketing services, business information systems, digital media and interactive solutions. He is the founder of Jawa, a mobile communications firm. He challenges entrepreneurs to use doubt to fuel change and growth.

Jason Hope is a passionate philanthropist. He supports education, scientific research, and biotechnology. He also backs local educational programs providing all-round education. He donates to the SENS Foundation, a non-profit that promotes rejuvenation bio-technologies that focus on slowing down aging. He is confident that anti-aging therapies being developed will be able to prevent diseases such as Parkinson’s, lung cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

He is also associated with numerous other charities. These include the International Education Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, Family Health International and the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix. He also works as a director of the Arizona Science Center. He also provides grants to youth technology startups.

The Success Story of IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is an established provider of advanced technical and professional services, facilities management and global-scale logistic. The company comprises of over 2,000 employees and has branches in 25 countries across the globe. IAP focuses on solving private and public sector clients’ challenges. The company has employees skilled in planning, coordinating and carrying out complex logistical challenges. IAP manages, operates and maintains military installations, remote research laboratories, and civilian facilities. The challenges on hoovers that clients face are the same ones that motivate IAP employees to work diligently. They achieve this objective by channeling conviction, experience, and passion when coming up with practical solutions.


The success story of IAP dates back to the year 1953. Later in 1989, a company known as Pan Am World Services, Inc. began operating the first space launch complex built by America in Cape Canaveral, FL. It supported testing for over 2,500 launches that included the manned shuttle program and early air-breathing missiles on In 1990, Johnson Controls Inc. acquired Pan Am Services, Inc. to form Johnson Controls Worldwide Services Inc. (JCWS), which became the worldwide leader in maintenance, management, and operations of commercial facilities and military bases. IAP was founded in 2004 as a specialized procurement and logistics company based in Irmo, SC.

IAP began penetrating into emerging markets in 2005. As a successful move, IAP currently holds government contracts that are worth $370 million. IAP also acquired JCWS and its subsidiary Readiness Management Support (RMS) in a move to form IAP Worldwide Services. Consequently, in 2015, IAP acquired G3 Systems LTD., which is a British engineering firm with operational headquarters in the UK and overseas. G3 provides commercial, international and government clients with services such as fixed infrastructure, modular systems, and associated support. It can deliver, maintain and operate global facilities.

IAP Careers

The company takes pride in combining knowledge and experience to deliver reliable solutions to its trusted clients. In this case, IAP Worldwide Services employees are committed to working according to the company’s missions. IAP is constantly hiring people who are talented, passionate about their work and want to make a big difference to the world. The company seeks dedicated professionals on in the fields of Accounting/Finance, Program Management, Operations, Construction, Engineering, Logistics and General Management. The company’s Human Resource department is in charge of ensuring that employees develop their careers as well as contributing to IAP’s mission.