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Let Me Entertain You Unclutters Your Life

People spend hours every day sorting through emails. One third of a business day is spent by sending and receiving emails. For many, those inboxes are filled with emails that have no relevance. Many of those emails are from subscriptions that the user does not want anymore or never wanted in the first place. Even if those emails are sent to trash folders or marked as spam, they often find their way back to the inbox. People have dozens of subscriptions that they do not remember signing up for.

There is now a new way to sort through those unwanted emails and find a permanent solution to cluttered email inboxes. is a new service that does far more than just delete unwanted emails. sorts through subscriptions and places them in folders designed by the user. There is the option to unsubscribe completely, and makes sure that those subscriptions are gone for good. There are of course some subscriptions that people want to keep, and can organize them into various folders.

By simply swiping across the screen, as with many other apps, users can send subscriptions to any folders that they design. It means that information can all be found in one place according to the topic. Users can set up folders in any way that they want. Some people want to hear more from subscriptions that they have, and can send that information to customers at any time of day. Some people want all the news in the morning while others want it all later in the day. Since many people use their phones and tablets as mini offices, can be used on all Android and iOS devices. The days of just having to deal with emails at the office are long gone. is designed to simplify life, and customers’ inboxes are a great place to start.

Get Rid of Those Unnecessary Email Subscriptions With Unroll Me!

One of the most annoying things of email is having to sift through all of the unnecessary emails in your mailbox to get to the ones you need. Although these emails are annoying, you can’t completely unsubscribe to some of them for various reasons. What if there was a way to stay subscribed to the emails but only have the important ones in your inbox? Enter, a free service dedicated to helping you declutter your inbox.

What is is a free tool that helps you get rid of email you don’t really want but still need to stay subscribed to. This is done by combining all of those emails into one large email. By doing this, it makes your inbox less cluttered and makes it easier for you to get to the emails that matter. 

How it works

You can sign up for the service by either visiting the website or by downloading the app on your compatible iOS or Android device. Signing up is as simple as entering your email address and giving the tool permission to have access to your email account. works for many email accounts, including:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Mail
  • Outlook
  • Hotmail
  • MSN
  • AOL
  • iCloud

The tool works by analyzing your messages for any subscription emails. Afterwards, you can either add these subscriptions to your Rollup (combines all emails into one summary email), leave it alone and keep it in your mailbox, or unsubscribe from it altogether. 

By adding subscriptions to your Rollup, you can choose to see a summary of what’s in your Rollup either daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also choose what time of day you want to receive these emails. 

A Simple Inbox Cleaning Tool

Email subscription messages can flood your inbox with tons of unnecessary content. is a great solution to this problem. It may not be the most feature-packed piece of software out there, but for a free product it is very good at what it does. The tool is very easy to use, has many options, and works with most popular email providers. If you’re looking for an inbox cleaning tool, should definitely be looked at.

How Betterworks Team Edition Enhances Productivity

Teamwork can Make or Break A Business

When it comes to winning more business and gaining continued long-term growth, teamwork is the ultimate secret weapon. However, too many businesses find themselves losing big opportunities because their team is simply not organized. Now, a leading performance software company has created an all-in-one solution to help any business stay more organized, more productive and more profitable. 

Introducing Betterworks Team Edition 

BetterWorks Team Edition is designed to help companies get the most out of each and every employee. Some of the highlights of this performance management software include basic goal setting and alignment features. This suite of features helps management set specific goals for each team member, keep everyone accountable and works seemingly with Slack. The bottom line? BetterWorks is the ultimate teamwork tool

The Betterworks Team Edition also includes a number of features that allows for real-time conversations and course corrections. These features allow team leaders to communicate with individual team members as well as specific groups. The software also includes a number of conversation templates that allows managers to easily and effectively communicate with team members. That means managers can waste less time doing a status meeting in order to keep the team up to date. 

In addition to a number of advanced tools, Betterworks Team Edition also comes with a number of support features to help anyone make the most out of the software. Features include in-product coaching guides, anytime access to an active support forum and live as well as on-demand webinars that help managers design and launch the program. With BetterWorks Team Edition, assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

About Betterworks

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2013, Betterworks is a leading creator of organizational tools that allow businesses to organize meaningful data. The company’s flagship Betterworks’ software system is the premier performance management product. 

Talent Performance Team Edition By Betterworks

Customers of the continuous talent performance management solution software has been patiently waiting for the new team edition. The team edition was designed by software maker Betterworks to offer more opportunities to companies who have teams of people who need to work together. This was a smart move on behalf of the Silicon Valley software maker. 

They already have one edition that is widely successful. This edition will invite more teamwork and cost-effectiveness into a workplace environment. The team edition promotes collaboration, the ability to measure growth and progress, charting tasks, time management and improving conversations between workers

Learn more about Betterworks –

Since 2013, Betterworks has been an unstoppable mission to bring in new technology that allows companies to improve the performance of their workers. What makes them unique is their focus and promise to creating talent performance techniques that are continuous. They want managers and workers to be able to see a constant flow of improvement. This constant flow of improvement is good for workers because it allows them to feel confident and pleased with their professional life. Mangers are pleased with a constant flow of improvement because it gives them a sense of understanding of how their workers can be helped and their workplaces can thrive.

Betterworks helps improve companies OKR’s –

Team edition is a long awaited edition from Betterworks. This edition will truly reveal their capabilities to create software for a wide range of people. Businesses that will benefit from the team edition are businesses that are small, medium, large or looking for more affordable solution to manage all of their human resource and talent performance needs

Condensing emails with Unroll Me

Email services are great, and we all rely on our email accounts to bring us information we need on a daily basis. Some of the emails received are subscriptions, and those subscriptions can really fill up an inbox if they’re not checked on a daily basis. If you have so many emails that you are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of them, then Unroll Me can help you sort through those emails and make your life quite a bit simpler. 

This service is free. A great price considering there are other options out there. Unroll Me is a service that you sign up for online and then link this service to your email account. Unroll Me will scan your emails for subscriptions and will place those subscriptions in what’s called a Rollup. This Rollup is simply a place that takes your subscriptions and organizes them where you can see them all in one spot. 

From there you have the ability to keep, send to your inbox, or delete any subscriptions. All of that is totally at your control. You have the ability to have your Rollup sent to you at any time of the day, seven days a week. Control of your Rollup is solely at your fingertips. 

The scanning process that your inbox will undergo is short. Even for those that have thousands of unread emails, the process takes only a few short minutes. Unroll Me works well with Google Apps, Gmail, and Yahoo. Very popular email services.

You don’t have to wait for Unroll Me to send you your Rollup. If you want to check it earlier than the time you selected, simply sign in to Unroll Me and from there you’ll be able to see what subscriptions are there. Total control at your fingertips.

You have the ability to edit your Rollup as well. Hover your cursor over the message and you’ll now be in the edit mode where you can have your message unsubscribed or sent directly to your email inbox. A great email service for no charge.