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The Chainsmokers “Closer” Nabs Tremendous Accolade

Although the Chainsmokers began life as EDM DJs they always wanted something more. According to both Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart they decided early on to branch out from dance music. Pall wanted a complete body of work showing their evolution. Taggart wanted to stay away from becoming their own parody. Both of them desired the title of artist and wanted to set themselves apart. Formed in 2012 the dynamic duet made their break in 2014. The breakthrough happened by riding the good ship “#Selfie”, which was their first real big hit. “#Selfie” may have established them in the mainstream, but it was not until 2016 that they broke out as artists. The song flying them through that barrier was a little number called “Closer”. “Closer” was a collaborative effort with another artist named Halsey. Halsey was just starting out and joined Taggart on lead vocals. The song was served as her breakthrough to the mainstream. Last month all three artists found out that “Closer” had breached ten million sales. It is now a diamond certified

“Closer” was a big deal right out of the gate. The song landed on the charts with a flash and climbed straight to the top. It did not leave either. To the surprise of many it stayed there garnering the fourth longest-running No.1 ever in U.S. History. Apparently, the song was not done. Two years later and it is still selling. Ten million copies is a lot but then again it is a catchy song. Pall and Taggart uploaded a photo with their new plaques to Instagram, with Halsey following suit after. The artists were all smiles clutching a very coveted accolade.

Closer” follows the accidental hook-up or two former lovers who run into each other. They apparently ended it over the man’s alcohol abuse. Despite this they still carry a fire for one another. The story is loosely based on Taggart’s real life experiences and also focuses on class differences as well. The woman, who is sung by Halsey, is apparently from a rich and disapproving family. The song has a very catchy beat and gets stuck in your head.

Alex Pall And The Interesting Life He Has Led With His Band, The Chainsmokers

They say that life can take you on some strange turns. Alex Pall knows that for a fact, simply because he has lived it personally. Before he formed his band, The Chainsmokers, he was an individual with a passion for being a DJ. He could have continued down that path and generated a nice side income from it. However, he also knew that he had a strong interest in dance music and he wanted to give a career in that medium a try. However, these activities (and the formation of The Chainsmokers) wouldn’t really come to fruition until he met his now-good friend Andrew Taggart. Andrew had moved to new york from Maine, and Alex loved his enthusiasm so much that he literally quit his job and that is how the band was formed.

One of the things that Alex Pall was very observant about would be in watching who was doing well in the dance music scene in New York City and who was not doing so well. In those powers of observation, Alex was lucky enough to find a kindred spirit in his friend Andrew.

Needless to say, he and his friend embarked on a journey of self-discovery. They would work constantly together. The fact that they did not treat this as a hobby, but as a job meant that they covered much more ground together than they would have apart.

The other fact that makes them a great team would be the remarkable ideas they have together. When they are working on an album, they love that they have the ability to bounce ideas off of each other. They also love the fact they have the privilege of seeing the album built from the ground up.

Finally, the fact that they have built enough of a following in New York City to encourage and work with other artists is definitely a breakthrough. For example, they both noted how it was an extremely enriching experience to be able to work with the local New York artist Halsey. Like them, the more they got to know her the more they realize they were birds of the same feather. That spirit of independence has served them well within the New York music scene, and it’s one of the main reasons why they continue to grow in popularity.

Positivity from Norka Luque

There are many messages that Norka Luque puts out in her songs but the one main theme that appears in nearly all of her music is the message of having a positive attitude. This is something that Norka believes strongly in and something that she does not think she would have gotten to the point she is at without. There are many things that she has done but being positive is one of her biggest accomplishments. Throughout the lows of her career, she remained positive and always kept a good attitude about the things that were going on. She teaches this in her music.
One of the things that could have brought her down but did not because she was always positive was the fact that business school did not turn out how she wanted. She completed a degree in business and she thought that her life would be perfect after that. It wasn’t. A career in business was not what she wanted and she felt that she did not fit in with what other people were doing to be able to focus on the business aspects of things. She remained positive and tried to find another career in a different field.

This career was in the field of culinary arts. She graduated with (yet another) degree but this time it was related to the culinary arts. She knew that she was going to be successful and she was but she was also not allowed to have full creative expression in this career. She tried again with a fashion degree but this was still not what she wanted out of life and she felt that she was being stifled because of the restrictions that were put on the career fields that she had chosen. She knew that there was something else.

The time that she spent in France being positive and trying to get these degrees paid off. She made friends with a band who wanted to use her voice in their songs. She joined the band and was soon making a career out of singing on stage. She was positive that this was the right career choice for her. After meeting Emilio Estefan Jr., she decided to go solo with her career. This meant that she would be touring on her own and in front of thousands of people. Her positive attitude earned her a spot as one of the most famous Venezuelans.