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Ryan Seacrest Travels From NY To LA Every Week To Host American Idol

A month ago, people from all over the country anxiously tuned into their TV screens, awaiting the newest season of American Idol. With a brand new set of judges and talent, the only thing that has genuinely managed to stay consistent through all these years is Ryan Seacrest, the host of the hit reality tv show. But while Seacrest might be one of the more calming faces that contestants can turn to on the show, there is a lot more that people don’t know about the host, who has gone far beyond what anyone would have imagined.

Dubbed as one of the most ‘Hardworking Men In Hollywood,’ Ryan Seacrest has taken on more projects than one can count on their fingers. When American Idol was set to close after its fifteenth season, Ryan Seacrest was put in a position wherein he would have to close this fifteen-year long chapter in his life. This was when he decided to move to New York to be a host on a new show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. However, just a few months later, ABC Network decided to once again revive American Idol, leaving Ryan Seacrest in a precarious position as to which show he would choose. While Live with Kelly and Ryan was being shot in New York, American Idol was being shot in LA, which meant that Seacrest would have to travel between states just to be able to appear on both shows. Standing true to the title that he has been given, he decided that he would take up both gigs, entailing a flight to and fro every week to be able to do the jobs that he has taken up.

Television show hosting isn’t the only thing that Ryan Seacrest is being known to do. He has his line of menswear called ‘Distinction’ and his skincare range for men called ‘Polished.’ In addition, he is also a producer for the E! Network and is famous for bringing the worldwide phenomenon of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to our screens, in addition to many more well-known shows. See the latest updates from Seacrest on Twitter and Instagram.

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DeVos Family Supports Marco Rubio In The Presidential Elections

One of the most powerful and famous families, the DeVos, will be giving their support to one Marco Rubio, a famous politician who is based in the United States of America. The family resides in the West Michigan area, and they are very active in political activities in the nation. This year, the general elections will be held, and most of the potential candidates have made their intentions known. The competition is quite high, and for a politician to do well, they must get the right funding from charitable organizations or individuals. Marco Rubio is on the Republican side, and he hopes to in the upcoming elections.


The funding comes at a critical time, and the senator has accepted the offer. During an interview, one of the key family members, Dick DeVos said that the candidate was the right person for the job, and they were confident that he would bring the required changes in the area he would be given. They had opted for Florida governor, but he did not make it in the presidential race after was defeated. The family has said that they will do all they can to ensure their candidate wins the elections.


Dick DeVos is believed to have been born in the year 1955. He is a popular business person, and he is mostly based in West Michigan. His father was also a well-known individual in the country, and he founded a powerful company known as Amway. Dick had the opportunity to serve in this company as the CEO for some years, and he brought a lot of changes in the company. He is active in philanthropic activities, and he is also among the wealthiest people in the world. He was once interested to become the governor of Michigan. However, he did not do well, and he ended up losing to another candidate.


The family DeVos is recognized for being among the richest people in entire the United States. The Forbes magazine listed them to be number sixty-seven in the richest people in the country. The family is approximated wealth is over five billion. Dick is well educated, and he is believed to have been born and brought up in the same neighborhood. He went to school in the public system, although he was from a wealthy family. He hopes that this time, the candidate of his choice will win the elections.