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Nitin Khanna Shares Business Hacks That Have Made Him Successful

Nitin Khanna is a respected investor and entrepreneur in the USA. He owns Mergertech where he is the CEO. Nitin Khanna is skilled in making profitable investments, and many companies seek his help whenever they are thinking of investing in various stocks. Nitin Khanna was exposed to business at a young age and fell in love with it. Since he was young, Nitin Khanna was surrounded by business people in his family. His aunts, uncles, and cousins ran different business, and Nitin Khanna got to learn a few things about business from each and every one of them. Before moving to the USA, Nitin Khanna lived in India where he was born. The pursuit of further education is what led him to the United States. After college, Nitin Khanna co-founded Saber software with his brother. By combining both of their skills, Nitin and his brother drove Saber to success. The company produced election software and sold them to different states in the USA.

There are a few hacks that an entrepreneur needs to incorporate in their business to have a fruitful career like Nitin Khanna’s. Khanna shared some of these hacks during an interview. They include;

• Work with the right people – Nitin Khanna insisted on employing the perfect people for the job. The employees should be hardworking, talented, and self-motivated. They should not be pushed to work but should do it voluntarily and with the company’s interest at heart. Nitin Khanna carefully picked the people to work with at Saber and Mergertech and together they propelled the companies forward in terms of business. Entrepreneurs should, therefore, choose their employees with a lot of caution.

• Develop growth strategies for any business – As an entrepreneur, Khanna’s expertise lays in creating viable growth strategies for companies. He was in charge of the growth at Saber while his brother focused on the operational side of the business. Before launching any business or companies, its founders need to draw a growth strategy that will earn profits for the company for a long time.

By combining these tips from the investment guru, Nitin Khanna, with other business strategies, any business is assured success.

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Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez has worked in the marketing and adverting industry for over 35 years now. He has great skill in his field of work; Martinez has led several firms into making suitable marketing choices and has also helped them create suitable ads to sell their products.

Gustavo has held essential executive positions for huge firms such as the J. Walter Thompson Worldwide where he was the CEO and the McCann Worldgroup where he was the President. Gustavo Martinez answered a few questions on his work and day to day work.According to Gustavo Martinez consulting is a critical element in marketing; the two go hand in hand.

With the appropriate consultation services marketing can be a lot easier and fruitful. Consulting services provide solutions to the ongoing market problems enabling firms to quickly sell their products while taking into consideration what they should avoid and what customers want more. Gustavo also believes that business acceleration will play a significant role in the future of marketing.

Gustavo is coming up with a business plan that will ensure continuous running of a new establishment. His business plan is to provide advertising advice to such firms enabling them to be on the same page with consumers thus providing required products with the appropriate ads.Gustavo Martinez day start at 9 am and ends at 7 pm. Martinez spends his day attending meetings and obtaining new clients. He also travels a lot. Martinez describes himself as a workaholic since he spends a lot of time at work than he does at home. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamesh and Gustavo Martinez | Tumblr

Martinez believes in creativity as a way of coming up with new business strategies. He enhances creativity by providing a diverse working environment and allowing employees to work on projects that they feel comfortable working on. Gustavo Martinez motivates his employees to go an extra mile while supporting their ideas.

He also thinks that as a manager it is essential to congratulate employees once they accomplish important projects.Gustavo Martinez is excited to see the future of the internet in marketing and advertising.

The internet has played a considerable role in the growth of several industries across the globe. Currently creating an ad and presenting it to users is very simple. Users always get ads while going through specific pages on the internet which makes them aware of certain products easily.

The internet is also used as a marketing platform for many firms; if this is what the internet can do currently imagine a few years from now how it would have made a considerable mark in the marketing and advertising industry.

According to Martinez, it is vital for an entrepreneur to be attentive and make his/her clients feel comfortable and worthy. Martinez advice to developing entrepreneurs is to get mentorship for experienced people and be passionate about what they do.

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The Chainsmokers “Closer” Nabs Tremendous Accolade

Although the Chainsmokers began life as EDM DJs they always wanted something more. According to both Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart they decided early on to branch out from dance music. Pall wanted a complete body of work showing their evolution. Taggart wanted to stay away from becoming their own parody. Both of them desired the title of artist and wanted to set themselves apart. Formed in 2012 the dynamic duet made their break in 2014. The breakthrough happened by riding the good ship “#Selfie”, which was their first real big hit. “#Selfie” may have established them in the mainstream, but it was not until 2016 that they broke out as artists. The song flying them through that barrier was a little number called “Closer”. “Closer” was a collaborative effort with another artist named Halsey. Halsey was just starting out and joined Taggart on lead vocals. The song was served as her breakthrough to the mainstream. Last month all three artists found out that “Closer” had breached ten million sales. It is now a diamond certified

“Closer” was a big deal right out of the gate. The song landed on the charts with a flash and climbed straight to the top. It did not leave either. To the surprise of many it stayed there garnering the fourth longest-running No.1 ever in U.S. History. Apparently, the song was not done. Two years later and it is still selling. Ten million copies is a lot but then again it is a catchy song. Pall and Taggart uploaded a photo with their new plaques to Instagram, with Halsey following suit after. The artists were all smiles clutching a very coveted accolade.

Closer” follows the accidental hook-up or two former lovers who run into each other. They apparently ended it over the man’s alcohol abuse. Despite this they still carry a fire for one another. The story is loosely based on Taggart’s real life experiences and also focuses on class differences as well. The woman, who is sung by Halsey, is apparently from a rich and disapproving family. The song has a very catchy beat and gets stuck in your head.

Meet Marc Beer of the Revonia Med-tech Company

Marc Beer is the co-founder of a Boston based med-tech Startup Company by the name Revonia Inc. the company is basically working towards the development of different diagnostic and therapeutic products used for treatment of disorders such as urinary incontinence. According to an estimate done by researchers, the urinary incontinence disorder affects over 250 million women in the entire world. The approval of the company’s first product by the FDA back in April was a major improvement.


Marc Beer also is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the ViaCell which is a biotechnology company that specializes in the collection, preservation and development of stem cells of the umbilical cord. Marc Beer led the company for seven years after its establishment, helping it to develop into a successful and enviable commercial organization. As an indicator of good leadership by Marc Beer, the company was able to go public back in the year 2005 and employing more than three hundred people.


Marc Beer has held other different leadership position in different organizations such as the board member of the Erytech Pharma, chairman of the board of directors of the Good Start Genetics, Inc. and member of the Business Advisory Miami University just to mention a few. Marc Beer is an alumnus of the Miami University in Ohio.


Longwood Fund which is an investing firm focusing on healthcare oriented companies has already invested in Revonia. Their funding to the company will be used to develop more diagnostic and therapeutic products, with the new generation of Leva Device not left out. According to Marc Beer, the support from Longwood firm to help the people affected by the pelvic floor disorders is something they are all happy about as the entire company. He also added that with the kind of knowledge and experience in their work, they will be in a better position to educate people on the pelvic floor disorders and also inform on the better treatment options.


In five years’ time after Marc Beer co-founded the Renovia Inc. the company was able to develop a drug called Juxtapid. However, the FDA later on accused him for suggesting that the drug was effective when it comes to the treatment of conditions related to the heart. Marc Beer has also held several roles concerning sales and marketing, he has an experience of over 25 years in development of biotechnology, diagnostic industries, devices and pharmaceutical. Learn more:


Clay Hutson’s Interesting Career in Live Entertainment

Clay Hutson is an experienced live entertainment producer who is different compared to anyone else in the industry. His insight into live entertainment has helped him to cultivate a business unlike other competitors in the market. Clay’s basic model comprises of the infusion of an artist’s feelings and thoughts in setting up the stage for the live shows. His overall goal for any performance is to create a unique and beautiful experience for the audience who show up to the live shows.


How Clay started his company


Clay Hutson used to work at different companies that specialize in tour production and live entertainment, the different positions he has held has helped him acquire different skills which he has perfected over time to make him a complete asset when it comes to all segments of the live entertainment.


One specific event that made him start his private company was the fall of a company he was working for; the company went under during the days of the recession.


The daily activities in the work life of Clay Hutson


In the various events that Clay’s company works on, Clay is always on the floor as a stage manager. If a show is coming up, Clay wakes up at around 6:30 am, and he gets to the venue early enough before everyone else. He goes on over the day’s schedule, goes through a walk through and creates a storage plan together with a to-do-list for the crew.


Clay’s purpose on a daily basis is to be as productive as he can be, and he also desires his crew to be productive. The productive mode that runs through the company means that each person has to pay close attention to how things are done before the main show begins because it will determine how the rest of the show will proceed.


During the show, Clay starts by thinking of ways to bring down the whole setting in his mind, so that he can direct his staff on what needs to be done once the show is over.


How Clay Hutson implements his ideas


Before the day of the show starts, Clay starts by envisioning how the entire set will look like; how the lightings will be in place and even the music will be playing. Right off the bat, he always knows what can work and what cannot work. As his vision is being also developed with the help of CAD design, he fills up the loopholes by ensuring that the slightest detail like the size of the door is taken into account, because all the equipment have to go through the door in every venue. Learn more:

Alex Pall And The Interesting Life He Has Led With His Band, The Chainsmokers

They say that life can take you on some strange turns. Alex Pall knows that for a fact, simply because he has lived it personally. Before he formed his band, The Chainsmokers, he was an individual with a passion for being a DJ. He could have continued down that path and generated a nice side income from it. However, he also knew that he had a strong interest in dance music and he wanted to give a career in that medium a try. However, these activities (and the formation of The Chainsmokers) wouldn’t really come to fruition until he met his now-good friend Andrew Taggart. Andrew had moved to new york from Maine, and Alex loved his enthusiasm so much that he literally quit his job and that is how the band was formed.

One of the things that Alex Pall was very observant about would be in watching who was doing well in the dance music scene in New York City and who was not doing so well. In those powers of observation, Alex was lucky enough to find a kindred spirit in his friend Andrew.

Needless to say, he and his friend embarked on a journey of self-discovery. They would work constantly together. The fact that they did not treat this as a hobby, but as a job meant that they covered much more ground together than they would have apart.

The other fact that makes them a great team would be the remarkable ideas they have together. When they are working on an album, they love that they have the ability to bounce ideas off of each other. They also love the fact they have the privilege of seeing the album built from the ground up.

Finally, the fact that they have built enough of a following in New York City to encourage and work with other artists is definitely a breakthrough. For example, they both noted how it was an extremely enriching experience to be able to work with the local New York artist Halsey. Like them, the more they got to know her the more they realize they were birds of the same feather. That spirit of independence has served them well within the New York music scene, and it’s one of the main reasons why they continue to grow in popularity.

Status Labs President Darius Fisher Makes The Innovation 50 List

Leading online reputation management company Status Labs is an integral figure in the branding industry. Co-founded by prominent businessman Darius Fisher, this well-respected corporation is most known for utilizing proprietary advanced technology to improve content on Google search results. Essentially, the company’s goal is to improve an individual’s digital footprint by positively impacting their internet presence. Since their inception, the company has proudly served approximately 1,500 clients including professional athletes, executives, and politicians. Notably, their extensive database of loyal customers accurately reflects their noteworthy expertise in successful digital marketing and public relations.

In his effort to propel Status Labs, Fisher sought to create a remarkable company philosophy, which strongly supported his drive to provide the best online content management solutions for individuals worldwide. Unlike traditional public relation firms, the corporation’s uniqueness lies in their unusual ability to redirect traffic to positive websites. Because Status Labs strives to serve a diverse group of customers, this strategic entrepreneur launched an extensive selection of branding packages involving Google image curation, public relations, content marketing, and crisis response. Moreover, Fisher’s primary objective is to assist clients in creating a respectable online reputation.

At the Impact15 conference on September 23rd 2015, Fisher shared the best practices in search engine optimization, public relations, and content development to an eager professional audience of prospective clients. During the presentation titled “Why the First Page of Google Search is the New First Impression,” the attendees were presented with the opportunity to explore the most recent trends and tools related to online reputation management. Although Status Labs maintains the premier collection of unprecedented branding features, Fisher acknowledges that online marketing is constantly evolving; therefore, the company strives to implement the latest search engine algorithms. In addition, he discussed the importance of employing proprietary digital marketing services throughout an emergency situation. Moreover, Status Labs is extremely skilled in minimizing collateral damage, which ultimately repairs an online identity crisis.

The professionals at Status Labs are fully committed to assisting clients with their online appearance as the company is continually developing strategies that will mitigate harmful information on Google search results. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, this renowned corporation maintains offices in New York and Sao Paulo and currently serves individuals in over thirty-five countries worldwide. Remarkably, throughout the years, Status Labs has consistently provided customized online content management services that successfully adhere to many client’s unique needs.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, When Beauty Meets Brilliance

Beauty, Brilliance, Compassion, and Innovation are all words that come to mind when speaking about Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an accomplished and well-sought after American Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon. Recently Dr. Jennifer Walden has taken her practices from New York city, back to her native roots in Austin Texas. Famous for her innovative, and cutting-edge technique, Austin Texas welcomes Dr. Walden with eager anticipation, and excitement.

Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in cosmetic surgeries, and promotes over-all health including mental health. It is refreshing to see a Doctor in this particular field devote time, and practices to the promotion of healthy living. Dr. Jennifer Walden encourages her patients to be happy and accepting of their body-image, and promotes values such as self-esteem. Her practice displays positive and open communication between herself, her staff and her patients. With a male dominated industry, and a female dominated consumer base, it is refreshing to see a Doctor like Dr. Jennifer Walden in the playing field. She is someone who not only brings exquisite expertise and technique, but also gentle touch, making her an attribute to the world of cosmetic surgery.

You also can not mention Dr. Jennifer Walden without “tipping a hat” to her extensive work as a Philanthropist. Seldom do we see such generosity and compassion from such people in a position like that of Dr. Walden’s. Dr. Walden has been known to contribute not only her time, but her skill- set to those in need. With organizations such as Food in Tummies ( an organization feeding underprivileged children), and notable work on infants born with cleft palettes. Dr. Jennifer Walden sets an example and pioneers expectation, leading a way in Philanthropy for other’s to follow.

For her New York clientele concerned about her new location, you need not worry! Dr. Jennifer Walden’s bed-side manner, and compassion continues to be displayed time and time again, this time including how she manages her business! For those patients coming in from out of town, Dr. Walden’s practices feature a “Fly-In” service. Dr. Walden’s practice, and staff arrange flights and even accommodations for those flying in for appointments.

Dr. Walden’s team consistently prove that their compassionate approach to cosmetic surgery can’t be beat. They understand the stress that a surgery can have on an individual and truly go out of their way to be sure that their patients every need is taken care of.

The Successes of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is one of the most successful and respected businessmen in the world of business. Mr. Levenson is both a successful business owner in addition to a former NBA team owner. The team that he was previously the owner of was the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

One of Mr. Levenson’s most famed accomplishments was his creation of the United Communications Group in 1977. In addition to this, Mr. Levenson was also a board member for TechTarget. TechTarget is an IT company that has a foundation in media.

Bruce Levenson on prnewswire  was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Chevy Chase Maryland. Ever since a young age, Mr. Levenson has had a passion for business including the world of investment. Mr. Levenson was also born to a Jewish family which is shown through his donations and contributions to Jewish communities around the United States.

The company that Bruce Levenson co-founded is called United Communications Group. This company was originally a newsletter that focused particularly on the oil industry. After a little bit of success, the company continued to acquire more newsletter in addition to launching databases. The company specialized in data as well as analysis for important issues such as healthcare, energy, mortgage banking, technology as well as many other industries.

By 2004, Mr. Levenson’s success is what brought him to the position of becoming a co-owner for the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson participated even further with the team by becoming the team’s managing partner as well as becoming a member on the NBA board of governors.

Mr. Levenson has strong ties with the Jewish community due to the fact that his family is Jewish and that his mother and-in law was a surviving member of the Holocaust. His strong ties influenced him to share more information about the horrific event to his team members.

Mr. Levenson, despite being very successful, has taken the time to teach others of the importance of helping. Mr. Levenson has been involved in several organizations that have been geared to making the community a better environment. One of the organizations that Mr. Levenson is fully involved in is the I Have a Dream Foundation. This particular foundation is geared towards helping children receive a high education despite the fact that they come from lower income families.

In addition to being active the the neighboring communities, Mr. Levenson is a major proponent for teaching people about the Holocaust. Mr. Levenson is an active donator to the U.S Holocaust museum. In addition this this, he even funds the bring the lessons home program which is a major component of the museum.

One of the major beliefs that Mr. Levenson posses is that nonprofit organizations are key to making the world a better place. This is why Mr. Levenson is an active donor and participant of the SEED Foundation which is geared towards teaching people on how to run a non-profit organization. The goal is to motivate students in Universities to make a true difference in the world.

About Bruce Levenson

If you are a real NBA fan, then you have heard about Bruce Levenson on wikipedia. Bruce is an American businessperson, former owner of an NBA team and a philanthropist. He was a co-owner of the Atlanta Spirit LLC, which is now known as the Atlanta Hawks. He also served as governor to the team since 2004. Before he got interested in sports, Bruce was already a renowned business person. In 1977, he had founded and United Communications Group together with a partner. He had also invested in Tech Target, which was an IT media company.

Early life, education and rise to business leadership

Bruce Levenson was born into a Jewish family in Washington DC. His family then moved to Chevy Chase, Maryland, where he grew up and attended both elementary and high school. He attended the Washington College in St. Louis for his Bachelor’s degree and later joined the American University Law School. When he was at the law school, he started his media career at the Washington Star.

In 1977, together with a partner, Ed Peskowitz, Bruce started UCG. The company was at first set up inside Levenson’s apartment. They published a newsletter known as oil express, whose main focus was the oil industry and the developments that were taking place within. With time, UCG acquired several other newsletters and launched various databases. One of the most famous of these companies that UCG acquired was Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), and GasBuddy. This is the company that helped the young Bruce get the experience he needed for business leadership positions.

Atlanta Hawks

In 2004, Bruce and Peskowitz and several other businesses formed a company whose main aim was to buy off the former Atlanta Spirit LLC. The two became the major partners at the team, which operates in the Phillips area. During the purchase, the businesspeople had also included the Atlanta Thrashers Basketball team. However, they sold the NHL team in 2011. Currently, Bruce acts as the managing partner and a member of the NBA Board of Governors.

In 2014, Bruce decided to sell the team after discussing in detail the teams African American fan base. He had enlisted the help of an investment banking firm to help him in coordinating the purchase.

Other activities, philanthropy and personal life

Bruce Levenson is married to Karen. Together, they have 3 children, all boys. They own homes in Atlanta and Maryland. Apart from being co-owner and administrator at UCG, Bruce also works as an advisor for the BIA digital partners. He is also very philanthropic. He is a founding donor to the Holocaust museum. The subject of the Holocaust is close to his heart because his grandmother was a survivor. He once wrote a letter to the Israeli prime minister urging him to work closely with John Kerry, the country’s state secretary.

Bruce is definitely one of the most influential Jewish-American Business leaders in the country.