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James Reese and and the Complex Nature of Running TigerSwan

James Reese Tigerswan

The market frequently factors into a business’ success or lack thereof. No small business can survive when demand doesn’t exist. James Reese, the CEO of TigerSwan, discussed the critical factors that play a role in small business success stories. Market demand was among the top two. Since TigerSwan offers private security services, people don’t think about traditional factors such as market demand. However, the reason the company exists is that people require assistance from security professionals. TigerSwan meets a need, albeit one in a unique industry.

While market demand establishes a business’ need, the business won’t last unless other aspects of effective management come into play. James Reese found TigerSwan as a “Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.” Reese is a former Delta Force officer who is 85% disabled per VA regulations. In discussions about the company, James Reese mentions many complexities go into running TigerSwan.

James Reese Tigerswan

Reese mentions the concerns he has for his staff. Besides worrying about their safety while performing security work, be suggests he feels concerns about making sure TigerSwan remains solvent. Employees rely on the company to make a living. If the company closes down, all the employees find themselves in a difficult situation. So far, TigerSwan does well in the industry. The company employs 300 people. The team consists not only of former military and police workers, but civilians who come from many professional backgrounds.

James Reese says being a good listener helps him stay in tune with employee wants and needs. Listening to employees gives him insights into business-related decisions. Once again, running a private security firm comes with many challenges. So, Reese must run as smooth a proverbial ship as possible.

Understanding the value of promotions and publicity, Reese utilized a training facility he co-founded to give civilians a chance to train like special ops teams. Chevrolet served as a co-sponsor generating more publicity.

Ultimately, Reese realizes TigerSwan’s success relies on the performance of his team. Market demand and publicity help, but the employee’s work ethic and performance provide the necessary results. What small business would last in any industry without the support of its team?

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Tj Maloney Talks Lincolnshire Excitement

Lincolnshire Management Inc. is a private equity company based in New York with an office in Chicago that specializes in middle-market companies. Since 1986, the firm has invested in and acquired companies that primarily operate as manufacturing, distribution, and services businesses.

Recently, Lincolnshire announced that it would be introducing four new team members to help grow the company’s portfolio. Lincolnshire Chairman and CEO, Tj Maloney, spoke about the four new team members in a statement. He mentioned how exciting it was to have Matthew Nacier back at the company and to welcome Yashna Ginodia, Nicolas Vega Llona, and Georg Stolt-Nielsen to the firm.

Matthew Nacier used to work as an Analyst in 2014, but left to work with another company. He returned to Lincolnshire as a Senior Associate. He specializes in go-to-market strategies, add-on acquisitions identification and diligence experience, and growth opportunities analyst.

Nicolas Vega Llona used to work with several industries, including automotive, agro-export, and construction industries at a company called Grupo Alese. He served as their Director of Business Development and Finance. He joined Lincolnshire alongside Nacier as a new Senior Associate.

The two young professionals joining the company are Yashna Ginodia and G. Stolt-Nielsen. They’re joining Lincolnshire as Analysts. Both recently graduated from their respective universities and have a small amount of real-world experience working on due diligence teams. Ginodia used to conduct diligence at Noonmark Capital, and Stolt-Nielsen worked at a Norwegian company the summer before joining Lincolnshire Management.

Tj Maloney, an active member on the Investment committee is also actively involved with the firm’s portfolio companies. He believes working closely to ensure their success is the best way to ensure Lincolnshire’s success. Tj Maloney learned his hands-on approach while practicing merger, acquisition, and securities law. Shortly after leaving law, Maloney joined Lincolnshire Management Inc.

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Avaaz Files Complaint Against Fox News Takeover of Sky

Avaaz recently filed legal documents at the British High Court about 21st Century Fox their takeover Sky. Sky is a European pay TV service. The decision is questioned because they believe the company should be investigated further. Avaaz doesn’t believe Fox is a good fit for Sky. Avaaz is seeking a review of the recent decision by Ofcom and read full article.

Fox owns about 31% of Sky and is seeking to buy out the remaining percentage. According to Avaaz the decision was not reviewed throughly enough by Ofcom and something stinks about this deal. They stated that errors were made in the report about the sexual and racial harassment scandals at Fox News. Ofcom was too narrow in its definition of fit and proper behavior on this issue.

This investigation or inquiry will take about six months if it is successful. If Avaaz is successful Ofcom may have to look more closely into Fox News background do another review of the takeover and bid. This could lead to a delay in Fox paying Sky $268 million if the regulatory process is not met by the end of the year.

Avaaz believe that Fox News presented fake news and has very biased journalism reporting. The allegations suggest Ofcom failed to address serious sexual and racial harsassment issues by Fox News when making their decision.

Avaaz is an organization that began in 2007. It means means voice of the people in several languages. They want to close the gap between the real world and the world that most people want. It employs millions of people from differing background to take action on global and national issues. They sign petitions, fund media campaigns and lobby governments.

Donald Trump’s Week Just Got Worse

As if Donald Trump does not have enough bad going on around him this week, now his hotels have been hacked too. Donald Trump recently announced his presidential run, and since then things have really taken a turn for the worse for him. His recent comments about Mexican immigrants being rapists and murderers has set off a chain reaction of businesses trying to separate themselves from Donald, and this latest hack of the hotels seems to have come at the worst possible time.

It can not be a coincidence that only days after a huge backlash, now the credit cards that have been used at Trump hotels across the country are now compromised says Kevin Seawright. The hack of the hotels has exposed sensitive financial information that could cost the hotels severely. Trump is currently battling with other companies at the moment who have stopped doing business with him as a result of the racist comments he is making on his political campaign trail.

Just this week NBC told the Trump he was fired, cancelling two beauty pageants and his Apprentice television show. Then, Macy’s followed suit and told the Trump they will not be carrying his line of fine clothing any longer. Trump went on the defensive in both cases, saying he had no intention of doing another Apprentice and already told NBC the same, and he was at odds with Macy’s about his ties being made in China.

News about the Ancient One in Doctor Strange

Marvel has released more information about their upcoming Doctor Strange film and how it will differ from the comic book origins of the character says Dalrada Financial. The casting of Benedict Cumberbatch was a little confusing. On one hand, he has proven himself as a great lead through his work on Sherlock. On the other, Doctor Strange has always been such a New Yorker, while there is something very British about Cumberbatch. Making him British might not be so bad, but there is something charming about the Sorcerer Supreme being a baseball fan. More puzzling is the announcement that Tilda Swinton will play the Ancient One. Kevin Feige stated that due to the politically incorrect nature of early comic books it would be inappropriate to use the original depiction of the Ancient One, which featured many Asian stereotypes. While this is completely true, he ignores the fact that they could have still cast an Asian actor and updated the offending elements. Instead they have chosen to walk the dangerous ground of Dances With Wolves and Avatar by having a Caucasian become the master of another culture’s ways. Feige also said they chose to view the role of Ancient One as a mantle that is passed on. This seems odd, since that would basically make the Ancient One the same as the Sorcerer Supreme. Also, Ancient One seems to imply that the person has been doing this for a long, long time.

Family Is Expecting Bobbi Kristina To Pass At Any Time

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, she was recently taken off of any life supporting medications, and many feel that she will pass at any time. Bobbi Kristina In Hospice Care. The 22-year-old has been in a coma since late January when she was found unresponsive in her bathroom tub. Many questions surround Nick Gordon, who is Bobbi’s boyfriend. Although Nick and Bobbi had pretended to be husband and wife, it has been proven that Nick and Bobbi never got married. Many are holding Nick responsible for what happened to Bobbi Kristina, and in fact, a lawsuit has been taken out against Nick Gordon.

According to Amen Clinics, Nick Gordon was recently on the Dr. Phil show a few months ago, and he decided to voluntarily enter into rehab. Although Nick was playing as the victim, and he stated how much he hated Bobby Brown, many are blaming him for what happened to Bobbi Kristina. The lawsuit against Nick Gordon states that he is responsible for the injuries that occurred to Bobbi on the day that she was found unconscious in her bathtub.

The allegations go on to say that Bobby’s mouth was swollen, she had a tooth knocked out, and she was found with bruises while she was in the bathtub. Bobbi had been under water long enough to where it caused irreversible brain damage. Bobbi has been in a coma for so many months that even doctors have no hope of any recovery.

Chris Spending Too Much Money On Royalty’s Toys

According to Brian Torchin, Chris Brown had an amazing Father’s Day, even while on tour, Chris is managing to juggle being a new dad and an entertainer. The news that Chris had a 9 month old daughter came as a shock to just about everyone including Chris, but he has been making every decision lately for his daughter Royalty. During his first Father’s Day, Chris shared a number of sweet photos videos and even a photo of the flashy gift got for Royalty’s enjoyment. While everyone is loving Chris’s daddy side, Nia Guzman is not impressed.

Not only does Nia not find anything Chris does impressive, but she actually thinks that her current boyfriend is more of a father than Chris. Nia made it painfully obvious that she is thankful for her current boyfriend’s help with Royalty, in a mushy Father’s Day post Nia shared a photo of her boyfriend and thanked him for all he does while leaving out Chris’s Father’s Day well wishes. Of course this raised some red flags about where Chris and Nia stand but that was only the beginning.

Nia was not happy about the three customized cars that Chris had designed for Royalty, and she actually thinks that Chris should be spending the money on more important things that are needed and not just toys and fun things. Nia wants Chris to send her even more money than he has been sending her, but Chris is not into the idea of supporting his child and Nia’s boyfriend.

Duane Chapman Joins Hunt for Escaped Convicts

Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the bounty hunter, has thrown his hat in the ring to search for two convicted murderers who escaped from an upstate New York prison two weeks ago.

The men, Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility with inside help and have been on the run since, believed to have traveled six hours south west as they make their way through the state of New York.

According to About.Me, Chapman who starred on a reality show relating to his work as a bounty hunter, said he has received about two tips per hour on his website. The FBI has placed a reward of $75,000 for information pertaining to the capture of the two men.

The FBI and the New York State Police are handling the case, at this time. The public has been asked not to approach the men if they are spotted, and that includes bounty hunters. According to experts in the industry, most are utilizing their websites and connections to find information regarding the fugitives and where they may be headed. Information leading to the arrest will net the reward money, just as actually finding and arresting the felons would.

Matt and Sweat were both serving long-term sentences at the maximum security prison when they escaped. Both were convicted of murder, with Sweat murdering a police officer and Matt convicted of the kidnapping, murder and dismemberment of a businessman. Both men are considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Check Out The Tupac Shakur Look Alike

The movie “Straight Outta Compton” will be in theaters soon, and many are anticipating that it’s going to be one of the best hood movies to ever hit the big screen. Tupac Shakur Look Alike. The movie is supposed to be a factual account of how the group N.W.A came to be, but it will also feature some other hot rappers that used to be around, such as Tupac Shakur. They have found an actor who will play the part of Tupac in the movie, and he is almost a doppelganger for the deceased star.

This movie is one of the first movies to have an actor portray Tupac Shakur in the movie, although there have been a couple TV movies out that had an actor portraying Tupac says Kevin Seawright. The movie will speak about N.W.A’s rise to fame, and the entire movie is based around the popularity of rap music. For those who do not know, N.W.A consisted of Eazy E and Ice Cube, who rose to be extremely popular, although Eazy E died of AIDS many years ago.

There are conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Eazy E, but no one has been able to prove anything after all these years. The actor who will be playing Tupac Shakur in the movie, his name is Marcc Rose, and you really have to see his picture to believe how much he really looks like Tupac Shakur.

Lester Holt set to keep Nightly News role

NBC News anchor Brian Williams seems likely to lose his role as anchor of the Nightly News show to Lester Holt when here turns from his six month suspension in August. Page Six reports Williams future is still under discussion, but the role Holt has taken on Nightly News has been praised by senior staff member at NBC who are keen for him to stay in the role. Williams is thought to be battling to keep his anchor role, but could see his $10 million per year contract terminated in response to a series of reports he fabricated stories about his involvement in an incident in Iraq.

Sam Tabar is aware that senior figures at NBC are under pressure to make a decision about the role Williams will play as his recently signed five year contract makes him one of the highest paid figures at the network. Executives are reportedly eager to keep Williams at the network in a different role, but he has yet to agree to either a new role or a departure from the network in the wake of the scandal and suspension.