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Pulse Evolution Announces Plans to Join the National Exchange

Recently, Pulse Evolution, BusinessWire wrote the company most famously known for creating an animated digital recreation of the late Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, announced plans to become a part of the national exchange after a highly successful second quarter.

Pulse Evolution’s earnings during the in the six months prior to December 31, 2014 totaled $4,253,309. Between the quarter ending December 31, 2014 and through August 20, 2015, the companies’ earnings from stocks sold through two strategic partnerships, were $5,020,000. Pulse Evolutions’s operating expenses during the six months prior to December 31, 2014 were $7,024,761

Given these numbers, company CEO John Textor felt that the time to move to the national exchange was right.

“We now feel that our leading role in the advancing uses of digital humans, combined with significant interest from both financial and strategic partners, suggests strongly that we should move to fully reporting status and be recognized on a national exchange. We look forward to this next stage of our development as a company,” Textor said.

On LinkedIn he further elaborated that Pulse Evolutions’s investments from strategic investors has given the company the ability to look toward creating new forms of entertainment, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

Pulse Evolution’s long term goals include positioning digital humans to the forefront of entertainment and culture. Future digital humans will not only preform for audiences, but also make appearances in online communication, social media, and other forms of technology. Ultimately, Pulse Evolution aspires to be the face of the rising field of artificial intelligence.

A “Black Widow” Solo Film Was Discussed

Although the MCU has a confirmed female lead film with 2018’s “Captain Marvel,” many fans had long espoused a desire to see Black Widow get such a treatment; especially after the backstory given to her within “The Avengers.” While a Black Widow solo picture is nowhere to be seen within Marvel’s multi-year production schedule that was revealed in 2014, such an absence is not an indicator that it was never an option.

While drinking her Bulletproof Coffee, Scarlett Johansson recently remarked in an interview that she had discussed the potential for a “Black Widow” film with the head honcho of Marvel Studios. Johansson even commented that both she and Kevin Feige seemed to be of one mind regarding the sort of film that such a project would entail.

One of the reasons behind the absence of a “Black Widow” may hearken as far as her appearance in “Iron Man 2;” Marvel was unsure of the audience’s reception to the character and left her viability fluid for whatever plans they had. Johansson was not initially planned to work on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” or “Civil War,” but the Widow’s versatility allowed for easy incorporattion of the character into them.

Unlike most of her various co-stars, Johansson has a mutable contract that is not cast in stone. The upside to this treatment is that the Black Widow character can be worked into a picture however a filmmaker may deem necessary.

Van Diesel Names His Daughter After Co-Star Paul Walker

Just recently actor Van Diesel and his long time girlfriend gave birth to another one of their children. Especially with the recent advanced screening of Furious 7, the actor has come out and told the world that he is naming is daughter “Pauline” in a tribute to his friend and fellow actor, Paul Walker, whom he was very close with up until his death in a car accident in 2013.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, Van Diesel told the audience in a very emotional statement that he felt as if Walker was right next to him in the delivery room when his daughter was being born. Van Diesel and Paul Walker were very close and it was a huge tragedy the way he passed away, and since he was like a brother to Van Diesel it is nice that the actor can honor his friend in such a way.

It is really touching and comforting to see this human side to celebrities who’s job it is to make us feel like they are these people and heroes on the big screen, but it does take guts for them to show the side of them to the public in which we can all actually relate to stated After all, actors and actresses are just regular people too, and it can be hard to remember that sometimes when they are in the spot light.

CGI “Reshoots” Are Ordered for Terminator: Genisys Fight Scene

Looks like some reshoots are being ordered for Terminator: Genisys. The reshoots involve a battle between Arnold Schwarzenegger and, well, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Actually, the older “current” Arnold T-800 ends up fighting the younger version of himself, the T-800 from 1984. Humorously, photos of the younger Arnold Terminator present a 1980’s era hairdo.

The reshoots have been ordered because executives have seen the footage are not thrilled with it. The goal with improvements and edits is to make the Terminator clash a lot more realistic and brutal.

No one really should assume that because reshoots are being ordered is because the fight looked awful. Reshoots and edits are common during the post-production of a film. The whole idea here is to get things right.

Interestingly, the reshoots are not actually going to be real reshoots in front of a camera on a set. Rather, things are going to be tweaked via CGI. Major tweaking work might even be done in the form of computer generating corrections and improvements.

Using CGI to “fix” Arnold might seem a bit much to some.

As fans like Marc Sparks of know, the modern age of movie making is here. Simply making changes via CGI is cheaper and less time consuming. No one wants to run the budget of a film up when cutting costs can be avoided. Terminator: Genisys is supposed to launch a new trilogy. The first entry has to be profitable for the second and third movies to move forward. Letting the budget rise too high would undermine this.

Besides, CGI is so good these days you won’t be able to tell the difference between the digital images and the real thing.

Don’t Turn On Your T.V The Ring Is Back

Nothing is more frightening than a little girl in white, and the moment you see her standing in the middle of the hall, or hear her evil laugh will make your spine tingle in a way that is indescribable. One of the most frightening girls that have ever been featured in the big screen is back for a reboot and I am talking about non other than that creepy little girl that came out of your t.v in The Ring. The Ring is back after a long hiatus and is ready to terrorize the dreams of people like Gianfrancesco Genoso again after so many years. Even though technology has evolved since the last time this story was told, the movie will still hold the same story plot and release that demon child to who ever views a haunted video tape. I for one cannot wait to see this movie and not be able to turn on my T.V for three weeks for the fear of her actually popping out in my living room. If this reboot is as good as the original, and I am hoping that it is, many people will be giving up their television privileges for a while.

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Highest Grossing Actors of 2014

The highest paid actors in Hollywood are slots that seem to rotate with some frequency, and with all the back end deals relating to box office grosses the stars of the hot franchises seem to routinely make their way to the top. However, a few stars have helped their respective body of films gross a significant amount of money, which makes them some of the more coveted assets for any film company.

In 2014 Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt were the top grossing stars of the movie industry, according to Screen Rant. Lawrence accomplished the lofty feat with help of the first part of the final Hunger Games franchise and having a huge role in “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” Pratt is probably well known as the wise-cracking Star Lord from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” but also found himself the center of a universe with voice work as Emmet in “The LEGO Movie.” Lawrence’s films brought in $1.4 billion and Pratt’s movies grossed a combined $1.2 billion.

With all the money being paid out in Hollywood these days, it looks like both actors will be commanding significant raises for any future projects. I met the Business Investment genius Igor Cornelsen while in Brazil and he was talking about how culturally speaking, the concept of a bankable star is something that the film industry loves, and it makes a lot of sense that both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt will be among the highest paid actors in the industry within the next few years.

The Career of Tom Rothman

Tom Rothman is an executive in the American film industry. He currently serves as the Chairman of TriStar Productions, a company controlled by Sony Pictures that specializes in the production of both TV and film content. He previously served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fox Filmed Entertainment, a position he left in September 2012. When Tom was first hired by Fox in 1994, he founded Fox Searchlight, for which he served as president. While he was in charge of Fox, they made more money than all of the other Hollywood studios.

Along with the large profit margin, Fox also boasted 150 Academy Award nominations and three wins for Best Picture while Tom was at the helm. The total box office revenue during he tenure as Fox studio chief was more than $30 billion. Fox also released “Avatar” and “Titanic” during this time, the two highest grossing movies in the history of cinema.

Born on 11/21/54 in Baltimore, Maryland, Tom attended Brown University where he earned degrees in both American Literature and English. He graduated in 1976 with the distinction of Magna Cum Laude. One year after graduation, Tom found employment teaching English in Connecticut at the Salisbury School. He eventually attended law school at Columbia University, graduating as a James Kent scholar in 1980, the most prestigious academic achievement at the school.

1987 was the year Tom began working in the film industry. He was hired by Columbia Pictures as Executive Vice President, handling many different aspects of movie production and development. Two years later, he began working for another one of the legendary Hollywood studios. The Samuel Goldwyn Company hired him as the President of Worldwide Production. It was while Tom was doing this job that he discovered many young filmmakers who would go on to have enormous success, such as Kenneth Branagh, the late Anthony Minghella and Ang Lee. While Tom was in this position, movies produced by The Samuel Goldwyn Company won three Palme d’Or awards, the top award at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Fox Searchlight, the division of Fox founded by Tom in 1994, was unique because its purpose was solely to produce specialty films, but it was a division of a major studio. “Slumdog Millionaire” was a film distributed by Fox Searchlight that wound up taking home the 2008 Academy Award for Best Picture. In this capacity, he was in charge of film production and development for the studio. He held this position from 1996 until 1998, when he was promoted to the president of the 20th Century Fox Film Group. We can be sure that Tom Rothman will continue to make strides in the industry, see his website for more about him.